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Says niagara peterson. Greg what he does. And he's working with powell lot. They did it. You know all these different kind of gardening. What he does is if you'd be planting. There are some attractive bushes and trees yield fruit. What they're white. Why aren't you planning something sitting there. Tendon ed basel feed ya. You don't be a moron and i go. I vote him and you know because he would have. You can have these really nice hedges. And he makes them all dwarf. Because you don't have to get up on a ladder to get your citrus and everything. So he makes to wear the way you prove them the way you trim them the way you plan them. They become a hedge their in front of your window. They you know a divide your property in the backyard kids place at the swings on it. I mean all these different options that you would normally use other trees you make fruit beringer nut bearing trees while he makes them also that they're shorter that you can you know keep a maintain and you can pull it up but he has one other thing that he does different species of different kinds of pears or fruits citrus of plums fig whatever. There's different ones that become ripe at different times. So you'll start say a peach will start to be ready battle. No whatever it is. The last week in may well another variety. It'd be the first week in june and another variety a week after that so he goes you get these trees. You'll get all the same. You get different. Show that four. God phoenix six seven eight nine months of the year. You know you're you're constantly feeding yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables that you don't have to do it all at one time in my god. I got an old orchard peaches. I got going back just constant fresh fruit. We're the technology is here. I'm looking forward to start emphasize this where we do it. Are you feeling confused about the current economic reports that dominate the headlines. Not sure if this is a good time to buy or sell your home or feel like the process can be overwhelming and confusing. This is donna. Hancock was silver alliance realty in phoenix arizona. And i can take some of the guesswork out of the home buying or selling process providing you with market trends in your area and detailing what to expect before during and after the process a home is a place where the most important moments in your life happen so making sure that you know exactly what to expect along. The way helps to ensure that you have control. The future is here. So let me help you move forward with your real estate. Needs being in the real estate business for almost twenty years now has afforded me knowledge of the market within the specialists along the way now more than ever you need an agent that can help you make sense of what many think is complicated and mysterious process the ofri to call her message me at six zero two eight two eight one eight one nine that six zero two eight two eight one eight one nine or visit my web page today at donna. Hancock dot com. Why did you move to the shire. I moved here to the shire. Because there's other people around who take liberty just as seriously as i do. I moved to the shire. Because i saw videos of people challenging authority and thought that i could get support myself. It called to me like do this right now. I wanted to be around people like me. Who got it and once i got here i knew there was nowhere else i wanted to be. I've always wanted to change the world. So i moved to the shire to join people who were actually working towards doing the same thing. The people here are awesome loving and positive it was for the adventure and for the feeling of something important is happening here and i just wanted to come to sort of be part of that. Visit society dot com to read and sign the shire society declaration and learn the reasons. Why if you love liberty. You should immigrate to the shire. Plus connect with others via the forum at shire society dot com. That's shire society dot com. There are basically two types of advertising direct response and branding radios great for direct response with its low cost listener ratio but audio. Can't be beat for branding which is a longer term endeavor you want to be the first thing that someone thinks that when they think about your product or service if you have a local business that you want kept top of mind in your community call the station if you need national reach. Got around two hundred radio stations. Millions of monthly listening sessions can suit all budgets. And if we don't think we're right for you we'll tell you email me. Market freetalklive dot com. You're already listening to l. r. n. Dot fm weather via our twenty four seven satellite feed online streaming audio or video feats dot fm's content is available in multiple ways. But what if all you have is your phone. And no data connection. You can call our listen line at three six zero three nine eight forty four eighty two. That's a long distance number so you may incur charges if not listen as long as you want three six zero three nine eight forty four eighty two. I'm grateful to have heard from some of our satellite listeners. Recently i appreciate knowing that people are out there like what we do and are willing to support it financially l. don. Fm's free to air satellite feeds blanket. Most of two continents. It was my goal to put our channel there. So people without internet could receive our programs and feed pirate radio stations. We started a fundraiser on patriot on a few years ago to back the satellite channels. I recently announced that. I was considering canceling the feeds and donations increased from fifteen to twenty percent of our costs which are around one thousand dollars per month. That's a good start to incentivize more contributions. the shire free church will be matching every dollar. Can we reach five hundred dollars per month with your help we can. You can join our satellite fundraiser for just two dollars a month at fund dot. Fm if we raise enough to keep both of the channels on the air awesome. If we raise more. I'll add more channels if not we can shut them down and go internet. Only it's up to you. Thank you for your support f. u. n. d. dot l. r. n. dot fm lower. We we do lease supporter. International satellite channels at patriotic dot. L. ran that fm. That's patriae on that ella and dot fm to be a part of the show. Call six zero two two six four twenty eight hundred six two two six four twenty eight hundred and now ernest handcock. Uu just see all right. There was another one a raspberry pi here. Thomas sent and it's only like thirty something dollars and it comes with a display. This party this you know thirty six nine and you can make this grandma just button. The i can do the stuff that we're talking about. Just get going started getting. Get get get you know. I'll send. I'll send one to you and wanted to me and won the james one. They one everybody else. 'cause this starts working we start getting less. Dutt de de de de de this one looks like you can put case cases the display and everything but it also looks like set it into a very couve vehicle three d. printed pirate. Boxy you guys and start prenton thing get to all ditz ditch did not waiting on me now. Now may go push the button all right. I'm looking at this thing. Co co cocoa. Show thomas your dress. And i'll go ahead and you know lickety-split at this to you right away and you said you get where it's working and it's gotten here's the old descript on this list car plug it in plug and play and it's done the we'll start doing i'll i'll start sending people get used to it and make their own hashes and kind just get started while we keep a platform in the different sites and platforms in poland from and all this other stuff. But i get used to making your own s files with the hashes timing. How come i ain't done this yet..

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