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I'm pretty sure I saw Tom green tweets that weren't from Tom green. When he was in the house that we're like from his I know his his Instagram promoting like his show coming up like that. So. Hey, I once again, another layer Sharad as you make sure that you know, you gotta get somebody gets you a social media publicists entered Tren. Welcome on the chat says Lillo higher. Dan, geese linked Doron or social media. All right. So there you go. That's nice little taste of of Lolo before we get into her game. But but really I did want to go over some of the jury votes that we're looking at here in preparation for the round table tonight. We'll go into more detail, but I I've been counting Ricky Natalie, Tom and Kato as Lolo votes, if she's next to tame, mar if Kato was swayed by this or maybe maybe he was tame are the whole time. But given Tom's social media likes, and such and Cato's feelings toward both of them really did seem like he was probably leaning one way. But if if if if if Lolo doesn't have Tom and Cato, then I think that taymor has a very real chance to win this one. I do think Lolo still probably has Joey. So that's important because if she does have Tom and Kato, and she has Natalie and Ricky, and she has Joey and then she's already one. But if she doesn't have Kato anymore that? She might not have Tom. And I think the field goes wide open at that point. So tame are definitely I think has has some chance here based on the social media likes. Now. I'm all about reading the social media likes. It's probably the one of the few times where you have to actually be worried about them damn likes. That's bets. Yeah. So it's been confirmed that mooch is not voting, right? Or is that in firms? I I've read it in lots of places, and it would make no sense to me that he would vote. I don't know if I've seen it directly from CBS, right? It's kind of interesting because he's probably going to be at the finale. Yes, I've heard that he's going to be at the finale, but he's not going to be one not vote. Yeah. Okay. All right. All right. So let's talk about Lola's game from the start to the end. Lolo she enters the house. She immediately bonds with Natalie Ricky and taymor those are her roommates. She has an Olympic connection with Ryan which sort of helps bring her into this Jonathan alliance. It is formed on night one. This Jonathan alliance is not going to last very long because she quickly becomes dissatisfied with it. She says that she is jealous of Ryan and Jonathan's relationship. And so this leads to some tension when she flips off Ryan's picture and front of him and that leads to him being like, hey, maybe I should make a move on low low. She clearly hates us Ricky wins. The veto Ricky is the wrong person to tell that plan to Ricky runs to low and tells her Ryan's plan to potentially back door her. And at this point she's done done with the Jonathan alliance and she wants Jonathan out. Meanwhile, because of Natalie's connection to Kato they are able to come together with Tom Lolo Kato, Tom and. Natalie and they start to form a kind of one week deal to get Jonathan out and keep each other safe in the following week. They also bring Ricky and closer with them based based on his maneuvering and telling them the information about Ryan, then we also see taymor go off on candy and once taymor wants candy gone..

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