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Seven days after the escape june 9th alcatraz prison warden blackwill received another postcard it was withstand two days earlier in messy uneven capital letters the postcard read we made it in the bottom right corner with the names frank joan and clarence gordon blackwell handed the post card to the fpr that he believed it was just a hoax the running on the postcard didn't match handwriting samples of the escapees but it was written in rushed capital leads so what made it hard to compare door this with scuba gear curbed at the bottom of the by and authorities tracked flooding debris hoping to find a clue the ten days passed with no new discoveries the suggestion made by some that the escapees could only have succeeded in such an elaborate breakout by bribing prison stuff was considered unlikely boy investigators need the mara saw the anglo brothers were wealthy nor were any of their close friends or relatives they had no hidden stashes of loot from previous robberies as all the money that had stolen had been recovered the most embarrassing explanation samed the most probable the inmates yet smart at the prison months later a delayed report came through fpo headquarters from a crewman aboard a norwegian freighter that headed the golden gate on july 17th six days off at the escape he said so something bobbing in the water it distance away using binoculars he sort was the body of a man flooding feisty on in the water wearing faded blue denim pants the way the witness described the body strongly car lighted with the physical appearance of frank marks.

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