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Even before Peter did. And God sees the patient kind loving joyful free you before you even believe that you exist. And the surprising part of the text is that Simon Peter, they're both in the same boat, kind of represents the flesh and the spirit to me when I think about it. When he sees all the fish in his boat, you would think he'd be happy. Oh, thank you, Jesus. PTO. Praise emojis. But he felt that Jesus's knees and said, we're seeing, go Laura. I am a sinful man. For he and his companions were astonished. At what God saw beneath the surface. And brought forth to his boat. They were astonished at the catch of fish. They had taken. And so were James and John, nobody expected this, the sons of zebedee, Simon's partners, then Jesus. Said to Simon, don't be afraid from now on. You will fish for people. That's not what you want him to say, you know? You want them to be late. Don't be afraid, Peter. From now on, I'm gonna go fishing with you every time. And I'm gonna show you every spot. You're not gonna have to fish all night and catch nothing anymore. We even have some 5 minute fishing trips. I'm gonna just tell you where to put down the next. And boom, that's what we're gonna got to do, right? That's what we want God to do, right? No, pastor Steven. I want God to take 15 years to fix my problem. In the past, Steven. But I give Simon credit. I give Simon Peter credit for his self awareness. Self awareness is a wonderful thing. Self awareness will save you from doing stupid things. But self awareness as you go about to see in this text, it can only take you so far. Because Simon is aware of his simpleness, but he is not yet aware of his Peter Ness. I'm making up a word just to make a point. Simon says, go away from me, lord, I'm a sinful man. And he's scared because you would be, too, like, how did you see that at the bottom of the ocean? We have a fish in here all night. We've been fishing our whole lives. You're a rabbi. You're a Carpenter. You know more about the water than we do when you've worked with your whole life. If you solve that beneath the surface, I wonder what you see in me. Most of us are still scared of God. We are. That's why we pray fake. You use some words when you pray. Well, I just never heard you use those words to last you to say the blessing. That was mightiest goddess. I prayed that Taoist would visit his dust as in this moment as what is this superlative nest that you are. I'm not even hurt your voice drop that low, oh my.

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