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This was aim meet game plan by mike shula and this was a fun game to watch an and the panthers yelled they they got it done and they got it done with a ton of work on the ground in this when they only through twenty four times vets retake ever panther france take a deep sigh of relief there because that's a team built around the running game it always will be because of cam newton strengths and weaknesses he's such a good running threat himself and their running game had done nothing their base foundational running game take newton out of it talking about running backs in the power and the counter and the stuff they do that had been doing nothing in the past few weeks so to show up against the divisional foe and find you're running game again and that's the fun of division games gear you know these opponents so well atlanta there's another defense they don't really try to out think yeah they're just going to light up and play that's why they draft all these fast guys because they just want to play faster than you gadgets are a great thing to run against the defense like that because you're right it gives those vasquez on their heels or when the gadget misdirection and get some to bite they bite harder because they place so much faster so that's a good idea that carolina had in their their offense is naturally conducive to that they can build in a lot of options in a lot of variables within their play designs as you said the panthers opened the second half with the statue of liberty play and i was i was weeping i had tears of joy coming out and went for fourteen yards a worked courtesy amy coming around from the left side around the right end it was all fairly i've met i get the sense are starting to figure him out a little bit say you will send a was not a factor the first six seven weeks of the season we're seeing him become a little more involved i'm not sure he has a true nfl position but yeah they're going to be willing to do these gadget plays that's going to be his best chance to succeed we'll seems.

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