Senate, David Chu, Nelson discussed on Morning Meeting


The senate me to investigate this it's this david chu at this going all you lorry as well as it of the senate investigated this this would be a huge embarrassment plead to republicans everywhere probably wouldn't get to the buffalo bills that wasn't what she mentor at all now that proper residents testify and then lying on their conclusion about is telling the truth lung team to answer that question on is willing to testify under oath why does indicate and do that now not after the election jerusalem pledge arregi says your clients beverley young nelson not disclosed that a judge or was the judge at her divorce case factored the dnc neither did she added zero for him uh so uh uh tuchel that appears to strasbourg consultant naturally actually get a divorce well again camp seems this draft slow again war now generally was wrong yes i can hear people behind spago was which patiently busy good afternoon man what's going on accurately shaving the par himself i'm going to testify under oath the floor not oh yeah lorraine more angry stupid gloria allred more this insee say how did she manage to take him perfectly sympathetic victim i know i see it i x beyond tangy franken was getting dragged the way we are add some shattuck is doing a little bit of a over there because he's excited that al franken has been accused of groping in kissing some women and he's end franken is actually apologise abc's lana sleep infrastructure some of the.

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