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And adjusted You know talking talking with the ATP of out of combining Davis Cup in ATP Cup because they're basically the same event and it doesn't really make sense they have to the same thing thing clogging the calendar so hopefully you know at least by the end of next year. They have something in place where they get. This figured figured out because the season's already long as hell so this this huge event having it be so late in the year like it's the end of November remember Just finished Davis Cup finalists ridiculous. So hopefully hopefully they figured out September will be a perfect time for. Yeah there's a little bit of a delay there especially on the men's side I saw the you know. Now the same people bringing up the same old shit talking about They Miss Three out of five at Davis Cup and stuff but yeah I mean just like would you. Could you imagine this. Could you imagine this event being played over. Best of five league matches threes. They were getting to bed until they were getting to bed at three. Am like if they were playing five matches and all this. Jesus Christ care. I guarantee the players the players that were you know It's just not at all feasible at all. I think allies people that say stuff like that are just being selfish and not really thinking things through I mean it's literally Thanksgiving Week and These players are going to have like a week off and then start training for the twenty twenty twenty season K.. Could you handle that year after year after year decade after decade. I don't think so and that's the problem like you. Don't they're not thinking in terms of Oh my God like preservation of all these top athletes that they want to see so bad all the time. They'll that they're not thinking terms thinking I don't know like they're thinking about their childhood or something reminiscent nostalgia. That's what has that has them in the grips is the starter instead of and you think about and then you think about if you WANNA think about think about the players that you were watching. You were a child thousand. They were playing three out of five. We're those players. Do they look good or are they having surgery. Did they retire at twenty nine or did they retire at thirty nine. Think about all that stuff love exactly seriously like that is that is one of the biggest reasons players lasting as long as they are now. Like Roger. Federer's there's like thirty years old exactly. He was playing. He was if all of these things were still best applied than he. I don't think he was still be around. Rawson definitely with Silvio now like the masters events you know the master finals and stuff used to be best defied the ATP finals used to be the five like all all of that stuff being shortened to best three has helped extend these glares career. And I don't know why people think that tennis needs to be some big gladiatorial sport shortly where you have to see who who collapses I one court now it does need to be that you can still have great great masses and very -taining and high drama matches ambassador and this year has really proven that I really do think so yup and I mean even if you think about like thinking about the Olympics the last couple Olympics in the the the seriously great matches that we've the head of the last two Olympic events on the men's side and they were best of three you know I made a best two two out of three. I mean it's the proof is there. I don't know what people's problems mm-hmm okay. This is where I get long winded Tennis magazine the latest issue includes a rather elaborate red stupid decade in review section. The First Section is entitled Aces in false Said said to be the highs and lows of the decade this section included a mark of the first time no American men were ranked him a top ten and twenty ten Dan. Now bandy. Kicking Line Judge in tune. Twelve Serena losing to resign. Oh and beginning her partnership with more tug Lewington Twelve Bernie to- much his father being arrested into many thirteen. Korenets wins over Serena into any fourteen. Marcus Willis List managing the reach the main draw at Wembley in win. What round Polanski completing the lucky loser slam into between eighteen which is an even Federer switching from Nike to Uniqlo? Okay at somehow. Left out both Serena and Novak winning four majors in a row and in Murray winning his second consecutive gold medal into any sixteen or Venus and Serena winning multiple goals into twelve or the doper getting caught doping. Antoni Sixteen. How do you? How do you mention dollar a young snapping a seventeen match losing streak in twenty twelve? Believe all those things out. Okay they even left out Serena winning Australia without dropping a set while all being pregnant. Not a big deal right okay. I don't have issues with the top ten matches of the decade listed for the men and mostly because I don't care although I don't think that this year's Wimbledon final rank is number one the quality just doesn't give that However this women's list okay number ten they have covet of defeating Kerber the twenty twenty fourteen fake up final? Do you remember that I do. Not Okay I don't either. Number nine is Asaka defeating conservative at this year's Australian I put Hashtag Hashtag Nope by that with that Australian Open final. I mean I know it was close and everything but neither of them play anywhere near their best. So let's stop line. Okay number eight. They have schiavone defeating Kuznetsova at twenty eleven Australian Open. Yes ma'am Ma'am on that one that wants to be on the list. It's probably should be higher number seven they have as rancor defeating Kerber at the two thousand twelve WTI finals finals. Just that thought moving on number six holiday defeating Kerber at the twenty eighteen eighteen Australian Open in the semifinals. I will give them that when that was cute. It was a good man. Yeah that was. That was fantastic and I enjoy that a lot. Yeah yeah the last those last couple rounds at the Australian Open We're good. They were good number five they have the doper defeating holiday. alip at the two thousand fourteen French Open. Don't go anywhere on this list. Because because how doped up West she during that final let's think about okay Number four they have ostapenko defeating olive. Twenty yeah I don't know maybe maybe not number four though but it was finding absolutely number. Three they have coveted defeating Venus in two thousand fourteen Wimbledon. That hurts the hurts. Like a motherfucker but that match was super her. I gotta give it to him. That was good. I I remember that night so vividly and I don't I guess maybe it's the fact that I always liked of that. I can still you know. Think about that match and not WanNa like kill myself but It was it was. It was such great tennis and I was I was I was blown away like I. I think that's still that might be my number one. Answer the Becky it was I mean they were playing Superior Carrier First Strike Tennis the whole time it was that was that was that was classic Grass Court tennis right. There was winning. Yeah yeah they really. They really play. Venus could win that title. She definitely could she was. She was the only person that want to settle the whole time. covetable just stormed that year Number two they have Serena defeating as a Rinca to fifteen wimbledon quarterfinals. This one I also agree with that was very very high level. The ball striking was great. The problems uh-huh I have no mention of the two thousand Sixteen Ale Australian Open Quarterfinals. Kerber Nazarenko no mention of the twenty seventeen French Open final with Alvin Aliban Stevens. No twenty twelve yourself and final. Serena's Aranka No twenty ten Australian Open second round in Dementia Zero matches from Serena's Serena's modern Olympics. And those were off the top of my head while I was taking notes All in all it's okay right. But the absolute fucking the worst of it all is naming twenty fifteen. US Open semi finals. With Vinci. Defeating Serena at has the top women's match of the decade of the whole decade. It's not even the best match of that tournament that year I that I was I was my mind was I was completely blown like when I saw that listed there. That mance was like that that was not high. Quality tenants. No like at hawks. Serena could barely move out there. It's her legs. Were so heavy. It was like the you could see the nerves crushing through that entire match and I mean Vinci Vinci stayed with her in that match. That's how that's how she got the win but to say that the best match of the past ten years I On I don't understand it. I don't know they hate Serena. That's what that is. That's what it is okay because the biggest upset you're damn right okay. That one I gave you game changer. Because it's Serena wins that match. She probably wins the tournament. uh-huh and then probably doesn't lose twenty sixteen Australia and now suddenly we're discussing a ten slam winning streak instead of four sock give you that. But the the match up the decade K.. Quotes a quote DOLEMITE. You rat soup eating motherfuckers. y'All really fucking can try to with this. And you thought placing Serena as the top player of the decade. Would even this bullshit no. It doesn't because he had no choice in the ladder. Okay she wants well slams in his decade who will fuck out says even in the running in K.. Doesn't even it out. NOPE y'all some bullshit with this and it's like you know but whatever I get the magazine for free so You know whatever the mass of the decade with with all the bills that went on an era it just wasn't good anything anything. After Wimbledon that year here from SUMITA was not super high quality because she was just boggled down by nerves and the weight of expectation taste in pressure. So I don't know relying like this. I mean this is. This is a Bo face library here to put this as a number of the entire decade whole ten years. And this is the one that comes to your mind the labels they will smoke in something. That Lewis won the good stuffing Eh. Lo Que over your having to lose my blood pressures that that you got any other news No I think we covered little also Okay it's been awhile since since we had our last episode so there are a lot of results from the fall season to go through I'm GonNa do the women's side I because it was just easier that way they've been done longer.

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