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And Century Foods is a way to win an autographed Greenbay helmet, autographed football or a four pack of Packers Hall of Fame passes. I'm cured. Let's mask up and go to Century foods, find a weekly code in the century ad or on their Facebook page and entered to win by November. 4th Park Bank has called Southeastern Wisconsin home for over 100 years now part of the first Midwest bank family. Their commitment to local leadership and decision making continues with enhanced products and resource is you have plans First Midwest Bank has ideas member F D I c. The state's number one car guy, Jim Griffin talks candidly was John Burke. You're You know, Jim, Some people look for a pre owned vehicle. How can you tell if you're buying a good used car? John? Believe it or not, I saw Justus many pre owned cars. I do new cars. We inspect those cars. And if their own up to our standards, we wholesale man. Get rid of him. You know if I'm buying a used car for someone in my family, maybe my son or daughter or my mother. I want to know. That the Griffin folks have put their eyes and hands on it and taken care of it, and you're pre certification does that it does. We have multiple point inspections, But more importantly, we make sure that we put the right cars out on Alack. And if anything, unfortunately happens were there to take care of you stand behind 100% all these pre certified vehicles. Absolutely, And that's a great peace of mind. Visit Griffin, Ford, Walkinshaw, Griffin Chevy and Griffin's Help Milwaukee Griffin, Ford, Lincoln, Fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler. Dodge Jeep Ram in Jefferson, You're listening to the Steves caffee Show on W T. M J. Here's the snap to Roger's good protection. Initially, he scrambles.

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