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Mcdonald's screen pass. Tasty rivalry in the NFC north the Packers and the lines and despite beating the Bill twenty two nothing last week Aaron Rodgers called his team's offense terrible. Some people have taken that shot. At Michael Jordan's playcalling talked a little bit about it. Earlier though, Terry, you know, you had to differences is this relationship on the what's well, I'd say it's really rocky. You don't talk about your coach publicly unless I use some problems. I was afraid to catch. No, I do not believe errands afraid of Mike McCarthy. I do think he's possibly jealous of all these quarterback in this league. Mainly if you look at breeze, and you look at my home in Kansas City, in the way, they're whiten it up drama in Packer land. We talked earlier this show as well about drama with the giants today. They're facing the Panthers in Carolina. Odell Beckham junior reportedly not happy with the big Blue's Dink and asthma attack. So Jimmy is he right? The giants to conservative. Yeah. With that offensive line. He came throw deep if he doesn't think. He's going to get done. I like that. Good. They just signed former Pro Bowl safety Eric Reed. And he's actually starting today. Michael forget, the anthem issue has collusion. Filing against the league. From a purely football standpoint. Is this a good move? Yeah. I don't think this guy wasn't on a team because the football skill the the former pro bowler, the absolute leader. I think Carolina got better than a secondary by signing. All right. Well, Carolina's trying to keep pace in the NFC south one and three of just looking to stay alive as they head to Pittsburgh attack. Mckinley is type second most sets Emily with five. He's one of the few survivors in Atlanta's banged up defense for the falcons problem simply that just letting out of quality players on that side of the ball. They could've used read. I I mean next man up is the right thing to say, but in reality this offense has carried this group. And so hopefully, they get Dion Jones and John O'Neill back. All right McKinley says he respects Ben Rothlisberger. But wasn't afraid to talk. Most back this week saying big bang quote hasn't seen me yet. Well, all of us are about to see the future hall. Famer Big Ben because the lovable Chris Myers landed a one on one interview with rothlisburger who might be facing his toughest task of the fifteen years. He's playing the NFL. He's trying to save the Steelers. Hello, chris. Hey, Kirk good to talk you lovable. Even my family doesn't use that term with with me. But I can tell you that Ben is not in love with his team's record after a month into the season. He did say that he has more control of this Steeler offense calling the plays that he's ever had over the decade and a half here in Pittsburgh effect as recently as Friday, he put in a new play a new formation with different personnel or series of new place that he hopes will help today on bell slight disconnect with Antonio Brown. But offense worried about this team. He's not showing. Pitch. Anybody right now? We describe the Steelers as a desperate team. Four games in early in the season. We need to have a sense of urgency, but desperate and after the most recent lost with Baltimore quote. You said I'm not playing well enough as putting a lot of blame on football games. It doesn't matter. I think the question is. What what's going on? Where's the connection the simple answers? I just haven't played. Well, what about Antonio Brown? What what his forgiveness. This is part is he's getting double still every single play. If I can get him on catchable ball where he can catch run and Margaret things will happen. Still has a sign his fourteen million dollar franchise. Standing. We need it. Now Levy on belt from the outside. We watch the the impact. Describe what it's been like not having early on. It was definitely there are a lot of questions not knowing what's going on. But once we once he wasn't here. We just had to move on. If Bill comes reports to the teams that you shopped with open arms. Yeah. We just don't know what it's going to be. You know, there's been a lot of reports and rumors can this team go to the playoffs without fell. Yeah. Absolutely. They were very good football team. I think he helps our chances. Later moment, we saw Gerald McCoy. Tackled you on national television. Talk about your guy. You're tough guy. You make plays. Do you get the same benefit as the as the smaller later this year? Actually, it was the first hour gone that he calls that's still been so much a part of your game. Right is hanging in there until the very last moment using your size and then leaning on your arms. That's kind of the fine line. We walk not wanting to route the blow it dead because so many big plays have happened kind of in that last minute mode over the years, the great defense of the Steelers that was kind of a winch bid for this franchise really in the last decade or so it's been more about your offense you comfortable with that role. Absolutely. I don't know that all the fans are still they still believe that defense. But you know, the league has kind of changed, right? Tinder put up thirty and forty points almost regularly now. So you have to keep up with the Joneses scores reports you can hard to say now what would have to happen for this Steelers team to contend for the Super Bowl this year. Just win one game. We started seasons bad before not the way you want to start. But really just take a one game at a time. Not look ahead. We can't look to the playoffs. We can't. We can't answer that question. How do you get to the playoffs is how do we wouldn't one game this week? Ben did say to turn it around. You can lean on the great history of the Steelers. But you can't rely on it as far as getting the ball Brown. Antonio put it best. When he phrased it. It's like why five you'll sometimes the connection is poor. Sometimes the connection is great. But you're always connected. Those to expect to have a big game today against the beat up falcons decent. So as we throw it back, we go from WI fi to a guy who still listens to music at high fine, Jerry Bradshaw. Take it away. I like that. No, not listen to shot. I didn't take it as a shot at all. What's on, Al? Oh, I said.

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