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Okay. Well, just and you know, she somebody that is able to sit down with child and bus Joe can share, you know, and nobody else does that will children aside festival. Have the hell did we get to the section because? Rhyme them, and you know, it was buying them. Tell me how that led to the dog. I said so you're breaking down sections of that. Then like owner, but it will start like, I know. I wasn't listening because she was like. Yeah. Man. Love me. And I don't even know why they do it. No, I'm on come on, our we that to Mason guys are guys. Okay. So you can have your time. But let me have mine. He like, you know, I'm not saying you're what for what? But she basically said, you know, I have like have this thing mentioned love me. I don't even know why. Which is to the point where lovers come in and out, and and then I have like male friends. You know, you're the chicks. I don't have girlfriends and I'm just like. Way would so fun about. So when I was reading this. When I was reading. She was like, yeah. I don't really have gall friends, which was like, I have enough male friends. So that when you know, this guy cheats on me and stuff stuffing. All I only have my cat in my adult in my life. Only dogs are loyal creatures. Got an hour. Firstly expediency hurry that whole section which took about guys thousand elements. It wasn't. She wasn't trying to exhort herself birthing. Secondly, when she's like, she doesn't have many women. She says because she's no longer in that world anymore. John, stan. So basically Hubble out the world where Odin every women she's now being hundred so she's in right for fake, and I still have girlfriend now for goodness sake. Anyway, I'm basically what she says. Okay. She has male friends were basically like and oversee what she's trying to say in to the Rodman. No, she based in my purse, be translate sheath around gaming. I think about that's what she's these men want to sleep with her. But they can't because she has this all wooden snow. She saying I think she's saying she's around game. Okay. Definitely Redick trying to Johnston. I don't be trying to say to them in around her translate. I definitely didn't ask for it was just moolah. She needed that she felt comfortable running. Just because based like if you Dino. Red red kind of experiences experiencing high growing on this intra she felt comfortable man rather than women because women surly time unless Wolfram growing she's a bus. He's bisexual all say why did feel about this was that? There was a series though, was dislike contradiction between how contrived and controlled the writing was. But the the character was not in control at all. It was more, sir. Like, she was talking about is right hazy in terms of your aldermen downstairs gonna they're gonna take me to go and perform bomb. I don't know. I always arrive on time by not ready better staff who I don't know who the guy is. That tells them to take me that all I. Somebody was trying to be missing a such important hall wishes to guys downstairs. Those guys have a stake in her finances the pending. I know that. Oh, she's of Mandela's waiting to meet. These men who are basically in control of her life, and she has absolutely no control of it. Like, the only thing that possibly loves Harris had all essentially time ritual thing. I'm just saying that they will that contradiction. I liked I liked the fiber language was circumscribes Madialata. She was no in control. But it was a good symbiosis bonuses. Yeah. And it was just a bit. I mean, it was okay. I caught that I loved it. Did you go into? But you went into this thinking celebrity bridge. Yeah. You only started on the doesn't do you? Go into every novel being like, this is pretty..

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