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And then of course you know the you know what hit the fan right well so let's just say you oh i saw some woman posted she's got this dating service out there is a dating service and she's a dating consultant i guess so let's say and she's talking about how stupid this decision was and how stupid the cake baker was so let's say that a let's say that a guy shows up he wants to get a date and you're a dating service and guy shows up and he's wearing a a big he's got a shirt and on it is a logo of the klu klux klan do you deny this guy the right to your services of course you do of course you do you know you would so this guy we're not talking about buying something off the shelf we're not talking about them not being able to go into this guy store and shop or by cake toppers or whatever goes along with the cake we're talking about him using his specific art to make this cake for this gay couple and he is well within his right not to do that again we're not talking about entering the shop we're not talking about buying something that's on the shelves we're talking about him using his art so therefore you telling me my wife if someone commissions her to do i don't know and members of antigua come along and say hey we want you to do us a big all antifa painting a portrait of antifa my wife can't say no i'm not gonna use my art for that my wife can't do that absolutely you can absolutely you.

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