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Happening here. Were you coy you and Chris Fun Filming a porno in a hotel room except he's not here yet. He's on skype but I'm here. You know where I cam is in a hotel room in Anaheim California. I'm here for bid kind so I brought all the equipment here Corey Colon by the way Chris Herman over here Crisp Juicy Hermit how you doing. I'm doing really well man. I'm stuck in my juice box right. Now I know and just in you know what even though you stuck in that juice box the juice is still pouring through the screen man. All Moist over here has been doing good to have you here yet. BITCON is going on in our youtube partner partner which I'm talking about on on this violation on that but are you to partner brought us out here for BITCON and so I've been doing that we would. We would have done a show on Thursday but I did not get all this stuff hooked up and ready to go. I got different equipment here. It's been a whole ordeal trying to get all this stuff to work in. This man over here has been so patient. Thank you so much no problem man. I know we were going to try to do on Thursday and everything also yesterday yeah. No glad you got everything figured out as funny yeah yeah and this man is so patient anytime you do this anybody they would have lost it by. This would've said to hell with you. Man Only WanNa work with you anymore but he was actually very patient and I wanNA thank somebody out there. SOLAAR solar sullen sucks who does a lot of stuff for me. I think that's his last name is so hard sucks though it is I I did not say that says sullen sucks no no yes sola helped me out all this stuff and he just sucks man. I hate this fucking guy but he helped get those you know yep get all this stuff together. He's a friend we made out here in California I see him every time I come out here gives us route to the airport helped us out with our equipment right hear anything else that we might need and of course he came through force and we couldn't get things figured out here. Oh thank you Mr Bloopers for the hundred bits right there and man I tell you we earn these bits because I am I've been I've been working hard hit. Bitcon man let people know been working very hard been drinking everyday man free food all around you know just been having to you know when they offer it. You have to take it and it's just true yeah. <hes> is just it's hard man is. I'm so full. I'm still hung over head. You know fun can be so exhausting because there's too much sometimes which was that sometimes you just gotTa do it. Yes sometimes you a nickel. Does your thank you for the one hundred bids but I'm telling you man you know so I I'm I've had the burden of responsibility of taking so much fun at to take a break from it and now <hes> Sidna p having a terrible time with you guys so how are you good to see you here and today on the show first of all let me go over here and take a look at the people that I hear you know. We're doing this little earlier than usual so I don't expect a whole lot people to be watching <hes> because I didn't know when we would actually have this up and when we be going I even though he'd be do we we'd be doing this at all but for those people who are here WanNa thank you very much for watching and we got some folks over here medieval duckie Mr Bloopers gave us those bits clever little vixen how are you. I'm a REXES AW Nikki contest. Oh my God clever little vixen. Thank you for the twenty-five bits right there. WanNa thank everybody who's here right now. Black Snow want to welcome you here to and today on the show. Oh got a lot of things to talk about now. I want you guys excuse me I've got a lot of stuff to do my hands right now. I don't have a mic stand and I said good thinking NASA does the market is no. I'm not doing whatever nasty suspended thinking about Chris..

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