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For marquee sports network, And we know you can never get quite enough of your Chicago bears. So now to the end of the regular season marquee sports network has you covered Watch bare essentials every Tuesday night at seven o'clock sharp as you conjoined me, along with bears a long night Tom Thayer and Hall of Famer Dan Hampton for a weekly bears breakdown and analysis off the week ahead. Then we're gonna relive the week that was with the Bears game Rewind. That's bare essentials. Your weekly bears coverage Tuesdays at seven. Marquee sports network. For some people in Chicago Land and northwest Indiana. There are two joyful sounds at this magical time of the year. One. The festive music that is this year on a high note and two that sound of a new accurate with performance that keeps you smiling ear to ear and keeps you in complete control, regardless of the weather, Thanks to available super handling all wheel drive. It's the season of performance event at your Chicago land, accurate dealers, and if the sounds of great saving Aren't enough. Just wait until you test drive a new RDX MDX or i'il X and be sure to check out the all new redesigned 2021 TLX. This TLX pushes the limit of performance like never before one test drive, and you'll soon discover what makes accurate such a favorite in this town get exceptional offers on the entire Acura lineup Now during the season up performance event at your nearest Chicago land, accurate dealer. Visit Chicago, Actually dealers com Today free shipping is great free shipping,.

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