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That field if you were in a straight race or if you're just one on one with anybody. Lamar is gonna win every one on one situation. Because he's flat out faster and has better acceleration than anybody else field. And so i think that must be challenging to slow down when when you know that you're faster than everybody else and that may be caused a little bit of of of a mental rap for jackson. Try and learn in in in in utilize effectively. Yeah i probably run a six to forty. So i can only imagine if i was as fast as more how much we love and be excited to. You'd run everywhere. Wouldn't you like you like you'd be in the grocery parking lots and be like. Hey do you want to raise for for like a gallon of milk. Like you wanna run like i would be hanging out everywhere. We like. You wanna raise. Do you wanna raise. Ib the kid in the in the lightning bowl batman shoes being less lanes wasn't me faster. Boom and hopping on the flash. These would make you fat. I would. I would do that all the time you can. Catch me. sprinting. Yup hit the pf flyers. San law have been one of those old school tv. Game shows where it's the supermarket in the put as many things in the cart says margie. Sweet baby yes. I'm throwing hams and wheels. Jesus get all the expensive haute milken and they're everything like we have a strategy. You're shameless. We have a strategy. Now talk a little bit before the show but marcus brown. Someone who. I really wanted the eagles to draft in two thousand nine team. End up getting andre dillard. Who hasn't had a lot of successive. Nfl right now again. That's another discussion. Highwood brown loved him. Come into the draft again. Hasn't really lived up to that first. Round billing seemed like again. We talked about running backs then. Great running backs in mark andrews emerged as one of the premier tight ends in the league and twenty eight hundred. Twenty nine thousand. So how do you see. Or how did lamar have success. As someone who is probably better the deep ball and some of the short game without real true true high level town at the receiver position right Marquees is a very talented player obsolete. I've watched him. And i know that's not you weren't saying otherwise. It's just that he he Has been a little inconsistent. Lamar has inconsistencies in. When you both are on different wave lengths it's really challenging for an offense operate also Marquees was being asked to essentially step into the nfl and become A relative of his would be and that's antonio brown a lot of people just said this is the next antonio brown throwing on your offense. He's to catch one hundred balls isn't go off for thirteen hundred yards ten touchdowns like that's who markey's brown is like. That's unfair aspirations of any rookie. And that was challenging. Also markey's brown has yet to have a full real training camp which is last year. He you know his rookie isn't he. Had a couple of screws in his foot was missing time The next year everything shut in virtual and and offsite due to cova nineteen. But as for how the ravens have operated with With the offense and trying to give jackson weapons. They've taken shots you know they've they've done so and this season more than any. It's it's being realized. Just how many you know rounds in the chamber. They've fired at trying to get this offense setup for jackson's longterm success they drafted marquees brown. They draft miles boykin. They've dr- assigned free agencies all throughout including sammy. Watkins is most recent offseason draft rashad bateman and thailand wallace first round. Pick therefore rishaad bateman. Jk dobbins was a draft pick Not this year but the year prior. They're trying their best to with a full offensive group. They brought in kevin zeitler After trading orlando brown junior at his request brought by all hendro villanueva to fill in that. Right talk about this free agency. Period and draft period was had nothing to do with the defense. They already had claes campbell. Derek wolfe All pro cornerback with marlon. Humphrey and marcus. Peters they had no reason to pursue anything defensively. I said we want to surround our franchise quarterback with all the options available for us and that can be afforded by us early in his career. Tough but when you bring in a wide receiver in two thousand eighteen. Bring a quarterback in two thousand eighteen. You can expect to also bring in a whole host of weapons to surround them with it. Takes a multi year plan to be successful especially when you didn't get started with this plan until halfway through twenty eighteen so they went out and drafted markey's round right away in two thousand nine hundred miles boykin as well They've pursued weapons. They've done everything they can really does feel that way to to bring in players to lead towards his term success. Yeah when speaking about brown and never really having a full off-season what me now is. I'm recording us monday afternoon. It was announced today that first round pick devante smith has an mc all in. His knee is a week to week. Obviously eagles have had some murky injury history when they hear week to week. It's kind of light. Lightbulb goes off offer head get really nervous things like that and adam schefter said it might be two to three week injury. Maybe he's running for week one eight. He's not in week when i'm worried about him. Just being behind in terms of transitioning to the pro game because he has all italian world but without building up that rapport with hurts and training camp throughout the preseason just giving his legs on her literally guesses a knee injury. And that's a scary thing for me. And i'm not comparing brown. I have all the hope. In the world that devante smith can be a pro bowl all pro player for years to come but amari a little bit nervous there because it would also negatively affect hurts developing kind of pretty given the situation like carson winston for the last couple years there's really no telling him wide receiver after isaac film flash for two or three weeks four weeks. Whatever was last season not turn back into a pumpkin. Have jalen rigor up and down. Pretty pretty disappointing. Rookie season then. Greg ward of the you know. The our average is the least yards per reception and the nfl. The last couple of years so not a lot of great talent there are some will concern probably moisture than more eagles fans. I'm a little more mystic that the smith injury might mir similarly the of the stuff that brown his job with both smaller gains. I think that's a fair comparison. I think also that you are looking at it through a a little bit of a pessimistic scope but the ravens have similar Injury notes when you hear to week day to day because actually it was just announced today like you said this is being recorded on monday. That markey's brown left on thursdays practice. They leg injury and they said it's more precautionary than anything you know. It's slow bit tightness in and we just wanna make sure the muscle health is there. It is now monday and you still hasn't returned to the field. That's three practices. They did have sunday off. And when asked today john harbaugh said ya'll it's a. It's a little bit worse than we initially been told and we're going to. He's going to be back out there when he comes out there. The reason harvard doesn't even give us a specific date or specific day-to-day week-to-week term is because of the bershad perryman. Saga that unfolded but the ravens. Here a few years back when he would an injury they said he'd be out your morrow and they didn't and then he's back next week and then he suffered another knee injury and it was every week he's week-to-week he's week to week and became such repetitive and frustrating process for perryman harbaugh in the ravens fan base in the media involved. That harbaugh now doesn't really want to Disclose a like specificity with injury news particularly with wide receiver. So i can. I can certainly feel what you mean and sympathize there with when it comes to wide receiver injury news. Yeah i still think of smith plays fifteen sixteen games. He top thousand yards. It could be in the offense year discussion for sure. But i just don't want him to be a little behind it. I don't want to cause at domino effect where jalen hurts behind where he should be accord the lack of smith there. Because i'm so excited for everyone philadelphia's and he's gonna obviously play gigantic roles offense means on the field. You know down either best skill position player immediately so obviously eagles fans open for that A lot right now. That's our biggest concern more. So than i know jalen hurts his foot worker accuracy regular. Everyone just wants smith to be healthy on the field. September twelfth downer. Kyle thank you so much for coming on. Do you have anything quickly. Plug a kind of told you little spiel anything that podcast anything we wanna look out for. Yeah for sure If you are interested in reading a wrap up of ravens media news and coverage That's actually what late for.

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