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And collects Icho, very good. Our country's doing unbelievably. Well, he can omically most of you don't report that because it doesn't sound good. From your perspective. Trump did urged the fed to drop interest rates democrat presidential hopeful Buddha. Judge is addressing the controversy of him using the phrase all lives matter during a state of the city address in two thousand fifteen I did not understand at that time was that that phrase just early to mid especially twenty fifteen was coming to be viewed as a sort of counter slogan to black lives matter. He said saying all lives matter devalue, the message of the black lives matter movement, and is why he doesn't use the phrase anymore. He said to me. Make a special announcement, April fourteen and Indiana house vote on a gambling Bill is still a couple of weeks away. But a giant fee added to the Bill looks likely to stay Eric Berman explains put to let the majestic star casinos owners move from Lake Michigan to downtown Gary didn't charge a fee, but a house committee added one hundred million dollar price tag Senate. President rod Bray says it makes sense there's real value in that license and being able to move it. So there's a reasonable number there. I haven't spent a lot of time trying to decide what that number is yet that hundred million is out there as a as part of the conversation, and we'll see where it goes house speaker. Brian Bosma says there are regulatory costs to the state from casinos and says the move downtown earn back the fee if the casino owners many times over Eric Berman Ninety-three WABC mobile new coming up a father and daughter killed in southern Indiana. Henry Davis has the story and why you should avoid picking up a baby rabbit or squirrel. If you see it all alone in your yard, WIBC news time is twelve three. He was convicted of. Raping and killing a woman from Indianapolis in nineteen ninety eight now, Johnny Jones will be sentenced later this month. Jones was convicted Thursday in two thousand nine police collected evidence and submitted a DNA test disappointed for DNA testing in two thousand fifteen they got a match they say the DNA evidence linked Jones to the murder for Kenya. Edwards? Jones had already been in prison for an unrelated conviction in two thousand fourteen he had been in an out of prison for various crimes since the nineteen seventies. He'll be sentenced for these crimes April twenty-sixth in Marion superior court. Father and daughter killed in kayaking accident. Henry Davis reports Varner in his four year old daughter, Vivian of Newburgh, rickyandtina at work counties. Bluegrass fish and wildlife area Thursday night, family members called police around seven fifteen evening to alert them to to hadn't returned. When expected. It was around nine forty five that the foreigners were found floating in the water Joshua was pronounced dead on the scene and Vivian was taken to a hospital in Evansville. But she died there. The department of natural resou-. Sources found the kayak capsized about five hundred yards away from where the varnish were found Henry Davis ninety three WIBC a we'll news business owners along college avenue where they're building the Redline want you to know that they were that they are still open Meridian Kessler neighborhood association executive director Chelsea Marburger says the conversation should be about whether or not they liked the red line anymore happening. And we wanted to be able to kind of change that narrative in a positive way to be able to support our businesses. They've started an initiative called committed to college avenue to ask you to keep supporting local businesses affected by the red line construction. A lot at stake for the Indiana Pacers of only three games left in the regular season. Head coach Nate McMillan after practice yesterday. Tomorrow's about trying to get home court and being.

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