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Today This report is brought to you by staples from the Southern California to enter Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's a wreck on the 7 10. South outside in Southgate, located at Firestone Boulevard. It's crash that's fun down the right shoulder and basement, so expect a lot of activity along the right shoulder and sudden slowing heading to Carson. A crash your 1 10 door found just after the four or five. It's a crash that's taking away that right lane. Your trip starts to load up as you come away from Torrance Boulevard. Can't find this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Body checking things on the five. All right, they're going to say freeway now here relieving Burbank, uh, Glendale Atwater Village all the way. Two with East L A interchange. You'll be in pretty good shape, however, were over a problem right now, This is south of the toll and Shane's is out. Five Ran Indiana right outside, Uh, fellow cemetery. It is a bit of a grass fire, breaking off to the right shoulder of the south bound lanes while the smoke coming up a lot of flame visible, and I don't even see city fire. I'm sure they'll be here in just a moment. But I don't see him yet. But again, this is off the right shoulder of the south. Five, leaving East L a interchange. Now all lanes are open. But it's getting off a lot of Spectators. Phone. It's a phone up pretty good right now just crashed. So stay with us. We'll let you know If this changes please injured in an accident visit. Superwoman superlawyer dot com. Check Ball K F Eye in the sky. Deified traffic is sponsored by Mercury Insurance can find this guy helps get either faster. I'm soaring, Crump. Ready for an easy money saving tips. California customers can save an average.

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