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6 80 wcbm traffic and weather on the threes like it might be new accident downtown equipment arriving at Dr King at McCullough Street so that traffic up around the state office complex heads up for that getting report of a vehicle fire a lot of activity on interstate to 70 for that traffic in Montgomery County, near exit 16 at Fatherly Boulevard and the clean up is just getting underway. Lot of flashing lights in the area. Check Whitaker with traffic and weather on the threes. Talk radio 6 80 doubled. You see the weather Channel forecast. It's going to be sunny and dry today, so we get off last summer, you'll enjoy it rained on the first day of fall is going to be a little warmer and then bio. Once we could be close to 80 currently right now 50 in the city 45 crossed him and you in the morning drive with Casey Nellie in time for Rush Limbaugh's morning update the rich Are under attack again. This time, it's because some well off California homeowners dared to hire private firefighters to keep their homes from being destroyed during the latest wildfires. Now, despite what the drive by media is saying, This is not something knew. 10 years ago, insurance companies began offering homeowners and option tohave dedicated firefighters. Protect their homes for price, and it was a win win. The homeowners felt safer and the insurers minimize their risk. And these policies air not just offered to rich homeowners a lot of middle class homeowners by them as well. But the media narrative is that rich California homeowners, including celebrities save their homes with private firefighters while the poor were burned out. The media also claims that the private forces supposedly don't cooperate with the government hired firefighters, all of which misses the real point. In California. The biggest fire risk comes from elected liberal Democrats and their radical inv iron medalist, wacko policies who refused to manage the forests and get rid of the Kindle ing. Citizens will realize this have wisely taken responsibility, and they're paying for it themselves. And that somehow is not fair. Russia noon then showing 36 80 wcbm. You know, your monthly cell phone bill does not have to be an expensive proposition. Kira talk us gives.

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