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But if you break it down to individual players. Maybe you can have them Pathy, maybe. I mean for Brad Marchand to talk about how he still hasn't gotten over two thousand thirteen when they lost the Blackhawks, now this, that he's never going to get over it, honestly. I was a little taken aback when I saw Marshon crying that I didn't expect that. He's considered one of the well, some some people would call them the dirty at one of the dirtiest players in hockey. But he's edgy. He's tough. He likes to push the envelope. He loves to get up in your grill. He's trying to get under your skin for sure. He's kind of a no nonsense player and he's crying. And so going back to two thousand thirteen. There are six guys that are on this roster that were denied by the Blackhawks, although five of those players did win the cut back in two thousand eleven but I can understand you force game seven and then you lose it on your own ice with a performance. That is going to haunt you. Let's be honest. They had a wealth of opportunities against Jordan Bennington. But it wasn't just bidding tin coming up with thirty two say's and thirty three shots just side note similar to game five. The Bruins outshot the blues thirty three to twenty in this game. And so going back to that game I talked about missed opportunities how in that first period of game number five. They had so many chances and yet it was the blues who came away, feeling like they had gotten off to a great start because they dodge the proverbial bullets. So in addition to bidding ten saves. Twenty one block shots for the blues, sacrificing their bodies putting themselves in the line of fire. And Jordan Bennington. We'll have to wait his turn for Smyth because goes to Ryan Riley, just amazing the way that he came on late. But obviously without Bennington. This team is not in his final dream this for so long and you is a kid that just like that, that feeling is back to just like what it means. To, to win this thing. And I just I still, I still can't believe this, this is, I can't believe I'm here right now. And and the Stanley Cup champion with this group of guys his production for us all year and then throughout the playoff. I mean he was just the relentless hockey player for a long time. Never never never quits and just such a smart way player. He's, he's a special player. So Craig Baru be and his con Smythe trophy winner Ryan O'Reilly before that twenty three playoff points is a franchise record when you're in the same categories, a Wayne Gretzky or a Mark Messier, and he tied a couple of Weli tied. Wayne Gretzky for four with four consecutive Stanley Cup final games in which he scored in a row. So Gretzky was the last player to do that score in four straight final games. But also with Mark Messier. He had a six game point streak in the final and the last player to do that was. Was was messy ninety four so two of the greatest players who ever put on skates and rhino Riley is in the conversation with the way that he rallied in the Cup final, and you know what he had missed a bunch of opportunities on his own before that, before he really got going, and the way that he set the tone for them. Also the way that he took advantage of what was there and the rebounds that he would jump on. So it kinda Johnny on the spot or Ryan on the spot and only his first year with the Saint Louis blues and yet I bet for a lot of fans that feels like he's been there forever. So you can find me on Twitter, a law radio. We're gonna get your calls here. Eight five five two one two four two two seven. And then our Facebook page two if you haven't seen the video with Layla Anderson superfan, for the St Louis blues, got to be in person in Boston and then on the ice to kiss the Cup after her favorite team was crowned champions. And you know how much I love the number two..

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