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On the air force's role and look at those guys will talk your ear off before fourteen forty to go in the third and I think we may have a timeout we got a review coming up Joe okay visuals have gone in in Joe Doyle was talking about something when Wilson was pointing something out they haven't given us any indication of what they're looking at my best guess would be the hit that was laid by Luke Rowe okay in open ice and you know what we'll see is I didn't think it was much of anything it was a straight on it with the shoulder to the chest and I would just yes that's what they're looking down the hill you're the blue line that was that would be the one to roll put on I believe it was Nick Bruce I tell you what I would be shocked if this came up as any penalty that when they go in and look at it they cannot call a minor the only thing they can do is assess a major penalty I don't think that was a major in my eyes will see what the what the officials decide they called nothing on the ice now they brought the captives together Brady for R. A. T. all over for Air Force are both out there fans don't forget this hockey season leading lights filter is crashing the party hard Natty light remained highs are bush weighty childlike went out momentarily see what the discussion was about now he's back on the air for Spanish he went out to try to get a little information and relay it back to the coaches the say Hey what what exactly are you looking at the official still in the penalty box taken a look Luke rose had a couple good hits tonight his last one it started the rush up the lid their forces second goal of this game and he's a guy that can change a game with that physicality hopefully nothing comes of this if that isn't that what they're looking now they're out of the box logo want to go to one Wilson the other will come to Frank well they've got the doors to the penalty box closer there's nothing up on the scoreboard the faceoffs going to be down in the Air Force in the gonna drop it to the right of shilling that's when Schilling had made that save on Dan Willett shot yeah no penalties assessed were still five on five with fourteen forty left in the third were tied to that's a good job right there we didn't think it was a penalty or deserving of a penalty but they took a look at it why service you'll put it down near circle the puck on the ice and skated away by Alex Maynard Maynard to center ice which picked up by all right he jumped back into the airforce animator grabs it again Maynard sits behind the Air Force net surveys the ice quarterbacks it out and beats to rhyme at center ice really rhyme that did not get to that park I believe and that's going to turn into an icing call a lot of chirping going on down there go and solve this one of the freshman for our I. T. he skated over in front of shelling and said something to she'll she'll give a little tap on the on the back with a goal stick a lot a lot of chatter going on these are two teams that know each other very well the fourth meeting between these teams that a good one last of the good ones here in Rochester today is one of the two in Colorado springs back in late October her one goal wins last night it was airforce three nothing and kick out Rantzen bringing him occurred to face time like on the dot com Mike wins a tap now can send it out to the neutral zone atomic puzzles out there and get it many times Boberg by.

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