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Is sponsored by perma-seal basement systems. It is Thursday night. Is it Thursday night? Ray winding down a little bit. I I well for some people some people there we get there. We start with the weekend. Maybe you have the kind of job that just picks up at work all the long hours trying to break that microphone charm over there. John it's not behaving. Look at this weird configuration. I haven't and now it's it's all creaky. Futuristic you have the spring. I believe that's from you know, I hadn't even noticed. I believe yours is from the old studio. That's the one that used to be and the showcase studio on Michigan avenue, and whenever you move. It makes it loud cooking. But patties Mike is mad at unlike this robot. Arm doesn't make any noise. Problem. We are hanging out with John Taylor in the AllState skyline studio you're listening to the Patti Vasquez show. We're on till one AM til Nick de takes over and John was just catching me up and asking, well, we couldn't remember the last shows we'd recommend to each other. So we'll get to that in a few minutes. I did think of you last week. You are our game show expert and a big fan of shows like the price is right. And of course, of course, jeopardy, and when Allister back made his announcement, there've been a lot of conversations around first of all what an remarkable speech. He gave a perfect announcement. Yeah. What were you? What were your thoughts? When you when you saw that. I mean, a lot of us thought, you know, what a hard thing to do. Right. I mean, he could he have a lot of choices in that position. Not say anything withdraw, you know, have a publicist release a statement. But to you know, not everybody feels comfortable saying, look, this is what I'm going through in this. This is what I intend to do. I think Alex said in his announcement that. He has built up a history of being forthright with the community of fans around jeopardy. And usually it's around stuff. Like, should I shave my mustache or not, you know, like for fun stuff? He has over the years built up this relationship. So. You know, I think it was very different for travek and twenty nineteen than even it would have been as say like nineteen ninety five this had happened. He has over the decades built up this relationship with America that allowed him. I think to come out bravely as he did. And he said that he would fight. But he was also. He was forthright in. So many words that the prognosis was not promising or encouraging stage four pancreatic cancer by people who know cancer pancreatic cancer in general is a tough one. Because of where it is in the body and stage four is the final stage. That's as it gets. So. I just thought he threaded the needle of honesty, and breaking the news to us gently so nicely and his announcement people know him as the host of jeopardy quite rightly since he's been doing it for so long. But Patty, I started to think about all the other shows that Alex did before jeopardy, and he has hosted some of the most peculiar shows in game show his. Yeah. He. One that comes to mind is battle stars. Now, you know Hollywood squares right padding. This was basically Hollywood triangles and was created by one of the guys who created Hollywood squares guy by the name of Merrill heater. And it took six celebrities and put him in triangles. And it was this like this was nineteen eighty one. So it had this Star Wars slash video game theme tacked onto it. Gaudy terrible set confusing game, and Alex is having to wrangle a half dozen list. Celebrities every every day on this show. You could find it on YouTube. It is a true curiosity in game show history battle stars Allstars. He did not become known for that. And he's probably thankful for that. But in a different universe somewhere. Alex trebek's known to the nation as the beloved decades-long host of the battle stars show other videos this vailable on. Yeah. Yeah. If you just search for battle stars with an S on the end, you'll get for like battle stars travek because that'll make it come up for sure where's he from originally Canada, always from Canada? It's got a bit of the the sort of laid back chill. You're right. He does doesn't it? Yeah. He has the Canadian spirit about him. Yes. Canada's quite proud of their native son as well. I can imagine. Yeah. When he's such a big part of people's daily lives. I remember when my father my dad, and I used to hang out in particular. Of course, it's weird to think about now because when my father. Was battling sage an I when I say that now there was an article written by Chicago Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens about using that language of battling and fighting. And that that those words carry in the sense that you know, will if somebody loses the battle where they not strong enough. And and I've I've struggled with that before, you know. And I don't know if there's a way to sort of move in a direction where we talk about where he was really struggling with cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer he was trying to survive cancer. But we would we were going for his radiology appointments in the waiting room every single day. He had to go five days a week for several weeks, and it would be the same time. Jeopardy was on in the waiting room. And so you get to know the people in the waiting room, and they would always laugh because my dad, and I would have sort of our are strong categories. My dad is great at like sports and some history, and it was it was just one of those things that always remember those last few weeks because he died not long after that. But was hanging out doing. Jeopardy. Well, I'm sorry about the circumstances of the story. But I do love the picture that you paint. And I think that generations of Americans have stories like that. I mean, it's. It's a touch point. I guess I would say for so many of us, and it's also Alex Rebecca's a person who even if you don't watch jeopardy every day, it brings some small measure of stability to our lives as a as a nation to know that he's on there every night. He's on TV every night. It's just been a staple of our existence for decades. So it's so shocking to suddenly hear oh, he he could be going away from the three three one Alex made another nouncement right before today's jeopardy that was equally uplifting. He's such a class act. So that's that's great. I didn't see that. But let's take a look at that. You folks, do they still go around the country trying to recruit contestants because I remember friends of mine like sending in videos and trying to get on the show. How do they sort of go around the they make now I'm guessing more online now because they can take restauration that where you can take a test online now. Well, and it's not you can't take it any time, but they have like schedule online. Test sessions as well. I don't know. I haven't seen them. I don't know. I guess the answer your question as recently as a couple years ago. Yes, they were still going around the country doing contestant recruiting. And I would imagine they still do it just because it does help to travel to get up variety of of folks. But the online quiz has cut down on the travel for game shows in general, I can imagine it's always fun to see some of your, you know, your Chicago locals doing. Well. Absolutely. Isn't it? You know, it used to drive my mom crazy when they would say originally from Detroit or whatever, and my mom would always say, well, I want to know where they're from now. And I would say finally one day I said to her Ma when they say that they live in LA like these are all who live in L A, but they don't want to just say, Los Angeles, California three times. So they say originally from podunk Nebraska, no offense to our Nebraska. No, no, no. I love Nebraska, I've performed several times in Carney, Nebraska. Yeah. I believe that's not far from like the wild Bill hill. Cock hickok pro- property where where he performed and had he had a ranch around there anyway. But you didn't visit the ranch. I did not. I don't think it was open other. There have been some things that I've seen around the country that I would not have seen in Santa comedy. Like like the true, isn't it? Yeah. The original. How homes one of the original homesteads of the Ingalls family is in dismay Iowa? And I took a forty five minute. Detour you know, when you're on the highway, and it says, you know, exit here for Ingalls house now. Oh, I should go. Take a look, and you don't realize until you're twenty minutes down the road that it's not just off the highway, which makes sense. He's on the prairie after all. And so I I got to see that were PA built the barn. And and actually have recreations of the Bank the little sort of house. They built the banks Plum creek. I believe they are both buried on that property that remind mom loved those books when I was a kid. So glad you brought that up Olsen mean girl. The series was was very much during the barn. It's one of the things. I remember most vividly strangely enough is. Yeah. Pa building the barn with peixe because they had to go. They had to travel into town, which was quite an undertaking to get nails. So he was building it with wooden pegs that being quite tedious performed in the town that they admit there's a town of Minnesota where they would always go first applies Aminov. I can't remember it. They're always talking about the show in particular that they were going to go into town. And I can't remember the bigger town. I mean compared to Minneapolis, but the Inglewood living. And anyway, I'll I'm going to Google it during the break now. I gotta figure that out otherwise gonna bother me otherwise or could. Yeah, I'm sure listener will tell me with the town is in Minnesota more in a moment with John Taylor. What's actually, we'll talk some more television. When we come back. Let's hear John's watching you can follow him on Twitter at John. Katie. That's t t I listened to the podcast pop. Pop. Mom. Yep. Wonderful Morna moment on seven twenty WGN. Get.

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