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Tax from iheartradio. Remember standard data and message rates apply. First thing I want to start with here before we get to the circus is an Email. I got yesterday from a fellow who is listening to my show in Madison. Hang on. Let me pull this up. I put this up on my Facebook page because I was just I was I was simultaneously amused in appalled at the same time. No, it's not from a liberal. It's just a really short note from guy named Ryan. That says this happened about fifteen minutes ago. I was at a stop light in Middleton, Wisconsin and got yelled at and videotaped for listening to your program. I have never been so happy and so proud. So that was the amusing part is that he was psyched about that. The pathetic part. The appalling part is that you're just sitting at a stoplight. Listening to my show or a conservative talk show and someone starts yelling at you. And whipping out their phone to record you what possible purpose does the recording of someone serving. Shame him on Facebook. Are you going to say this guy was listening to Vicki McKenna? And at the time, I was talking to tell you what I was talking about the time. I was talking at the time. This guy sent me the Email with a friend of mine who's been on this program before as well Jim troop is he's a judge about Jim's trip to NEW GUINEA, and at the very moment she's screaming at this guy in videotaping him. We're talking about these women in this village in NEW GUINEA who are outcasts the tribe has turned them into outcasts because they're they're men abandoned them, and we were talking about the progressives claiming all of these Handmaid's tale imaginary scenarios about, you know, the non existent war on women in the United States. And contrast it with the story the real story of these women that my friend. Jim troupe is met on his trip to NEW GUINEA. Who were outcasts who not even we're not even given. If there was no scraps of food left. They would not even be given scraps of food. That's what the person was flipping out about. That's what I was talking about. When this guy was listening had his radio on and his card is windows down and got yelled at and videotaped. You know, you left this our psychos you understand. That's that's just that psycho stuff. That's that's that's crazy stuff. That's unique medication and therapy stuff. That is you should not be let loose to roam in in in a mixed society. You should probably just become a shut in and take drugs that's complete societal dysfunction stuff. That's what the left has become. They've allowed themselves to feed on the endless buff Fe of fake outrage. So here's this liberal sitting next to the guy got imagine this, right? It was a woman I think who is sitting next to this guy. And he's got to listen to a couple of people contrast. The the nonsense about this nonexistent war on women with a story about really oppressed. Women women who are cast aside from. A tribe in a subsistence hand to mouth existence. They're cast aside, and sometimes they can find food and sometimes they can't. And if they have babies with them their babies are left to fend for themselves as well. Can you imagine somebody who has been feasting on the on the buff Fe of phony virtue, signaling an outrage having to to even in the back of her head be bothered with this idea that she's full of crap? I love it. And she loses it, and how dare you listen to that person. I'm going to videotape peo-, that's psycho stuff. Those are the kind of people that you cross the store to avoid. They're the kind of people you'd you'd move away from in the restaurant. They're just they're just the kind of people who are nothing. But. What was the name of the of the of the episode of Star Trek? Remember, the episode of Star Trek the next generation the one that claimed the life of tasha Yar and they encountered this blob of black goo and the black goo was the hate and the ugliness and the misery in the viciousness that the race had poured into this black goose so that they could try to try to a radical, but it from themselves. That's what the left has become. They like the black goo they wanna bathe in it. They want to they want to scrub their armpits with it. They want to steepen it. Nothing else explains. This or well in real life that we're living in right now. Not.

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