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I feel like check arrived check the exits so you told me about gatsby and i went and as is my wont tried to read gatsby you have perused gadsby i began gatsby and tried to digest it and it was i think it would be for any one of a really unusual experience because looking at a page of gatsby any page just at a distance just just sort of scanning it looks wrong the absent really visually there's a the absence of the e just at a quick scan makes the page seem like it isn't taxed but is like formula almost in in my iron in my mind it looks mathematical or it looked like computer code in theater it looked like it looked like a list of words rather them sentences because without an eu it's not rebel dictionary or something yeah i couldn't have looked at it and said oh there aren't any he's here it just looked like a foreign language higher interest in in just scanning mm to read it in order to write an entire novel without ease he had to find synonyms for every common word think about the challenges of this you know he uh you know you can't say any number from six to thirty you know you're candidate was not the you'd right uk's the past tense you can't say gadsby walked you have to say gadsby did walk and yes of the bucks for these kind of circumlocutions like he calls turkey a thanksgiving national bird rights because he literally can't use the word turkey yes it describe a wedding without using the words bride cake wedding marriage it you know like almost any word you would wanna use is off the table so only he's trying to write kind of a young adult novel or it's a it's a coming of age novel like you say yes sort of a it seems like a sinclair lewis kinda thing about a small american town in decline where this young go getter john gadsby tries to create a a a youth organisation to get the city behind it added and grow.

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