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Hundred W. L. W. you can tell that Matt Reese is actually reading if he wasn't actually reading with you here that course six thirty six and seven hundred W. L. W. Jerry Jeff the Saturday morning edition twenty third anniversary edition and in the studio the likes of the great Jerry Jones the good looking one not the rich one as he likes to say this is usually the segment we go down route fifty two east of downtown Cincinnati to brown county to Ripley Ohio to snapper saloon for breakfast at Jerry's and Jerry out I understand we didn't get the benefit of your delicious practices that you make almost on a daily basis it's snappers and your is the owner he doesn't have to get up early although he pretty much doesn't go to sleep until about three o'clock in the afternoon I I do apologize for there not being any alcohol in in the on the premises Jerry I I know that was a disappointment for you you got okay very good as long as you've got I'm happy for you and the rest to assemble crew here Lisa from snappers year every Saturday morning in the green Hornet sphere and and does some other folks Gary right is that right who who who is who is the gentleman I don't el al I just met now for the first time but so yeah bus who and and Doug Angie Bahnsen buzz you maiden have missed this in previously the bus used to have a rooster Eric out here in Ripley and buzz lives across the street from Doug Angie and apparently the rooster got loose it was a loose rooster and the loose rooster got into Doug Angie's garage and decided to defecate on on the cars inside the garage on Angie's core that's right defecated on Angie's car and of that move neighbor Doug to cooks rooster down and break its neck so ring its neck so buzz was without a **** for awhile does have you had any success on getting a new rooster I got a new car okay all right so it's probably better not let the neighbors know without one again you'll be sands rooster again Dr doodle don't so anyway I keep say Kim has just arrived and she is snapping photos as she is done every year we've done this god bless Kim and Bruce rice and folks a deer park deli provided a fantastic spread of food guys if you haven't availed yourself any of that it's in the other room it's delicious to see Steve Solti is here you'll be giving his environmental report in just a little while at seven o'clock and West Side Jim keeper I don't know if you know this or not but Amy Murray is resigning from Cincinnati city council has resigned and it's gonna be up to Amy and her Republican colleagues Jeff pastor Chris movement to help select a brand new council and fill out the rest of babies term I have recommended the west side Jim key for B. that replacement he is objecting for some reason because.

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