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No clearly clegg o on a lighter note just for we get into reviewing movies and stuff we were talking about great tank lines in and open hathaway's designed giorgio brief mention of tagline in this week's podcast of always loved the good tagline some of my favorite thinking kluge catchmeifyoucan a true story of a real fake that's a good one isn't it can possibly the alltime great us the royal tenenbaums which owing says this would be great film club choice that's good charge anyway tagline for the rotunda amounts you know that was path i'm dan i'm afraid family isn't a word it's a sentence oh and then owns is there some of the so good of just become part of the film lex canal like just when he thought it was safe to go back in the water july two in space now going to you scream alien i had look because there are low tillis and i in a this some of the other ones a 40yearold virgin steve carell filmed the longer you wait the harder it gets yet they out unlike bride of chucky which was to simply chucky gets lucky that's wonderful yeah the usual suspects five criminals one line up no coincidence i mean it's right kill bill here comes the bright as a good one apollo thirteen huston we have a problem bad teacher she doesn't given f they ever actually say that used to may have a problem in the film no in in real life i don't know is it famous because the tagline oil was eliza phrase i wonder whether is whether is of uh they they so cleaned up for the for the film uh or or made it a slight snap here for the film and moran became possibe so goes it align that was made famous later by the bob in whitney's problems in health guys.

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