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It live live eight and in London, and he had he, I think, who's Brian? Hi, I'm, he's a, he's a senior writer. He got, and he, he's written like fifty, five cover stories. I think he has the record, but he went up to Roger Daltry. It asked him on the fly for it and every so often. And then he went to McCartney McCartney just talked to him. So I, I like the Paul just, you know, he's, he's not too jaded or anything. I always get the sense that I'm never had the do type of bucket list. Never had the pleasure. Actually. I met him at that at that rocker hall, you onstage there when he was Donald stage, I was in the crowd. We knew people were just were just milling around. Yeah, I, I had a couple of cool experiences. They'll tell you after it's been well documented on this show, but I get the sense that Paul's after all these years is still just a dude. Yeah, you know what I mean? They just guy that just likes to. He's got a cool job and he's feels pretty cool. And whenever you get the sense of an asshole from him, and maybe that's just years of being trained that way. But I don't think so. I don't think there's a gag there. You know, the only thing he seems hung up arm is, is the writing the credit and feeling like he might not get as much credit as John Lennon Lennon McCartney. Yeah. Like member. He he, he asked to switch some of the song titles from to McCartney line, and then. And then we were doing an interview, signed a guy here, Corey to talk to him and. Sitting Corey said something very offhand like about for the benefit of mister kite because polit started playing that on his latest tour. He asked about about why he is playing that because it's primarily thought of as John song. And so Paul that set Paul off, he just said I was there when he wrote that song. I was part of that that process everyone says it's John Lennon song. It's not a John Lennon song. That's I think, if you want to push his buttons, were there after all these years. Right? But you get that to like either. You mentioned making Keith? Yeah, in Poland. Jonah gene Simmons and Paul standard, there's still rivalry. Yeah, Joe Perry and Steve, the guys, the two alpha males and the band after all these years sometimes are still very sensitive when it comes to stuff like that. Yeah. Yeah. It's weird. I think that it's like a wife, Keith calls Mick, his wife, and it really is like a jealous from Antic relationship, right? Yeah, I didn't get that guy's the tension. You want to be better than that person and very complicated. So which covers stories do you do you have? You mentioned that one dude at fifty? Five. How many do you have? I have like seven, but I have like twenty five features, but I had it or these days. Oh, you don't write as much. I edit side stuff in edit them and I do. I do right the good ones for yourself. You have to be aware of that. Like I I, you have to throw people bones like I really wanted if you really want to do like a Springsteen or something. And then when he's available, I know that I don't. I can't be the guy who just hand the cake and eat it too. And plus like Andy and people are are better Springsteen fanatic Donncha me, but she got stick in your wheelhouse. Like if it's a stone's thing, you know more sue, the best guy for the job. Yeah, it's it's it's, I think they just people know their their territory here and it's not it makes sense. Like you're not hired as like a hip hop guy or pop guy, just sort of people figure it out about you over over seventy six. Sharon was one kid rock was one c heath heath and Sam Smith, and then five seconds of summer. That's a boy band hop. Punk boy band sort of where the rockier one direction at the time, and that that was a crazy experience because that was like a week, long experience, and they had never really spent a lot of time with journalist, Eric nineteen years old and..

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