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Max field field the naval weapons station in colts neck and then Rockaway New Jersey picket tinny arsenal army base. Those three are all New Jersey. And they're some of the safest on the most dangerous side aim to continue. City, you know, nothing nothing bad happens and pity so number one for most dangerous was Anniston, Alabama, number two, four Polk leesville Louisiana that that's a huge base. Isn't it four is were you go it's called? It's one of our training centers that we utilize before deployments, and there's absolutely nothing going on at four poke. So I'd imagine part of the reason it's one of the most dangerous places to live is because people have nothing better to do except break the law, and in fact about four volt for Kate every single soldier who the female smokes bay center, the pulp because if she smokes, she pulse. Wasn't a song. Dad? Good. That was a good dad joke for the most dangerous. I was most interested in this list. Number three Baltimore Maryland coast guard yard, number four, Miami Beach, Florida also coast guard. Yeah. Number five Edinburgh, Indiana. And basically, these are places that have a lot of poverty that what I don't think about that that a ton of military personnel living out in about in these towns and also just thinking of even oceanside, California, like how chassis just that mile off base that I stretch road that there's like a town all any military base is like when you get that feeling that the Carney's trying to take advantage of you at the carnival games, bats, what all those stores feel like ooh, it's like a row of Kearney's waiting to take advantage of PFC schmuck? A tally. That's why last week what the master chief said was spot on because you walk out any military base..

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