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Or taking care of an awful lot of shuttling we've got peak assured of all twenty property share still stuck at logan both hoping to fly a lot of cancellations on morning flights you're at logan so i hope to make the landings that i'm not counting on president trump gets a phone call for mitt romney we've got the accu weather forecasts lynch he'll advisories through sunday morning and real feel temperatures staying at 10 to 20 below tracey jockey on wall street the dow at fifty eight points the sp is doing something it hasn't done since nineteen 64 that bloomberg business reports coming up nanduti is the weather of course the top sar news out he levin the region bracing for another arctic cold wave this weekend as we up from yesterday's snow storm the dumped more than afoot of slow and set the see over see walls into the downtown busted street and coastal communities neighborhoods to the north and south what are the hardest hit communities plot ireland or the door shore because wake enacting that barrier islands of the mainland underwater during the storm prompting some residents to turn to the national guard to be evacuated wbz's berries coop poses on plum ireland today those are and blouse to push back the snow which settled on the island center the area was flooded shutting down access diploma turnpike nobody although shore residents like craig smith hunker down how could shakur got from one mile mark although as it orbits gone the winds are still howling making it difficult for people to be outside cleaning up come island bernie scorpio's wbz newsradio 1030 poststorm cleanup underway across the region residents in cities and towns aren't shovels and brooms cleaning up the giant best that mother nature left behind it may not be snowing today bus the weather hazard really got much friendlier raising tennis now clean it up a little bankers there's a lot of snow on it showed hit the jackpot with the storm high seventeen and a half inches of snow close behind darlington lincoln milton and west peabody with snow totals were.

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