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Best out of the day. Stat of the day. Here comes that What stat of the day All right. Best inwards to the weekend. It's great to be back phone calls or welcome. Peter King will join us coming up his Carolina. The landing spot the destination for two Shawn Watson. And what would you give up for two Shawn Watson? I say you're Carolina. How many first round draft picks. And Christian McCaffrey. If you're the Dolphins, how many first round draft picks? And would you give up? Christian Wilkens, former teammate of Sean Watson's, would you give up to Ah, If you're the Jets, how money First round picks you give up. And you give up Sam Darnell's Would have no problem giving up. Whatever a team once. If I could get my franchise quarterback on his second contract, and he's 25 years of age, the league is all about getting a quarterback. The league is set up for you to go. Eight. Nate. They want everybody to go. Eight. Nate. The difference between 10 and six Six and eight. That math didn't work Six and 10. Sorry, e. I was I was on a roll. Okay? I mean times a couple of times 18 minutes in all right, 10 and 66 and 10 is your quarterback. I mean, there's some luck that goes into it. But your quarterback is the difference. And if you get your quarterback or you can get a quarterback, you go get him. Yeah. Did have a good time off. By the way I do. I just didn't have anybody to talk to It's all I've you know, I've had some things on my mind and I You know, I wanted to be able to express those. I'm not on Twitter, by the way. Yes, but come, people on the Twitter said. You know, if you're not a outsider, an insider, you could be a tweener like you're not a defensive lineman or a linebacker. You could be a tweener. Not that works. You like the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen of sports reporting. Wow, that's not working. That's well between the things that working. That's one of the meanest things you've ever said She just played. No, I was shooting down between her idea. Just indirectly got another one. You're not inside the house. You're not outside the house. You're like a three season porch, open air, but there's no you know. Heat or air conditioning room floor where he screened in those green and smoke a cigar out there. Nobody you, man. Yeah. Yeah. Don't go into that world. You know the insiders? Yeah, that stuff. It true you up, They will spit you out. I got to find out of Peter's an insider and outsider. I don't I don't know, I I hope he's an outsider, right. We're going to take a break. We'll come up with a poll question and we got ah, couple of their stats of the day. We'll talk about the Lakers situation with LeBron. He wants to be the M V P, but I can't have him play all these minutes with Anthony Davis out for the next month and are the Nets the team to beat in the embassy? Spring football underway in college football and so we got a lot of things to dive into. But it'll be great to hear from you. 8773 d p show. Email address. Dp Dan patrick dot com Twitter handle AT DP Show Back with the great Peter King right after this on the Dan Patrick show. Dollar shave club. You walk into your favorite store. You go to the razor section. We've all done this you go. I don't know what I'm doing here. Eight played 10 Blade Dollar Shave Club is now at a store near you. So you know when you go in and you hear me talking about dollar shave club That's the razor for you. They have the premium six played cartridge That's for daily shavers. They have a four blade cartridge for less frequent shavers. But this is where they have mastered this. They put him in the same package. So dollar shave club puts both cartridges in one started box. So you decide you test drive both. You might even like both shave every day. Uh, Princess to shave a couple of times a day. I d Oh, I don't know what that's all about Five o'clock shadow like Frenchy has like a 10 A.m. Shadow and 5 P.m. shut the time I get home from work..

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