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I don't even know like girl evening there will be sleeping what happens next week. Yes. Yes. And if you're coming, let us know hashtag girl podcast, gonna see out, sorry, Charlie. Remember, we are planning some special moments bar, so you'll have to coming. On Instagram Corey Murray at Charlie pen on Instagram at man went on Twitter, and you'll have to fall in. Also, the essence app, grow happy, all it's going to have all the alerts that you need, like the real ones like the clear bag policy, Corey, okay. I'm glad you choice. I don't have a clear bag and I don't know where to get one. If you all know if you'll see a cute clear bag, can you, can, you wait, are you talking about, like real talk, like public service announcement so because of the incidences with concerts and people getting hurt you know, security measures have upped it where you need to as? Yes. So they are real clear bags must be worn and brought to the Superdome. Yes, if you don't have a clear bag, you will not get a Michelle Obama. The Nope, you won't see mom, and you have to hide your shit entry outside and hope for the best, and you'll be denied access because you'll being your nice white, for frankly, building amazing, you won't get in because at bag my cler. Know that while to the hotel and live for you. You know that walked back in two out that Nola he is rough, those cobblestones once you get there, you don't want to have to go back home and come back. And then if you don't have a clutch, and your outfits cute with no pockets, 'cause I think you can bring a clutch, hold on this these measurements together. Okay. If you're clutch Queen, like myself. Mcclatch queen. I'm definitely cut screen. Okay. Wait. Where's where's it? Got come on. We're looking at up guys. This is important. Okay. I'm gonna read this major announcement Superdome clear bag policy any bag purse or briefcase that is larger than twelve inches by six inches by twelve inches will not be allowed into the facilities repeat will not be allowed to visibilities all bags. Enter must be clear with the exception of medical bags, which may be subject to inspection and small clutch bags, the maximum size for clutch bag ladies four point five inches by six point five inches. Whoa, that's a tiny little clutch. I'm like, what does that visit is that what is that is? So I'm shopping for a clear bag where it what about you. I'm gonna shop for clawback. But I also hear that at the convention center festival weekend. We will be selling clear bags, okay? Perfect cubans. I think there will be cute. So if I don't get to next week 'cause I have priorities because I I'm thankful for you last weekend on the Graham, you. And hubby went shopping. We we're going to jump on it. So I need to do that this weekend. So I have priorities. I gotta get my roots done. I gotta get some outfits, so the clear bag is of low on a totem pole. So I made his have to wait. So I get to New Orleans somebody by a clear bag and bringing her. Yes. Okay. All right. But I know we usually do love by we, we have a lot to get to. But I have a special shadow Craig. Okay. So I wanna give shout to charity. Wallace branch in Virginia. Who's a good friend of my cousin Victoria's. She's been going through a really rough time, and she's a huge girl fan. Thank you so much for listening to every episode. Oh my gosh. And if you want to anybody for this moment, go hug. I'm Vicky, but seriously charity. Thank you for listening. We love you. We appreciate you hanging there. Well, you know, also needs a hug through seems like so. Liz was press y'all. We didn't know we did not. I was actually really shocked when I started on my grand 'cause you'd think she's having the time of mother fucking life yet. Liz, oh to me represents. I'm happy as how with who I am in the life, I lead. But, you know, it really goes to show when we talk about depression, in the mental, mental health in the black community, it's like an iceberg. Yes. It's not what you see. It's what's underneath a water,.

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