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Got a message back from From what my sources with the resurrection christian resurrection crucial. School system said at least In the classes that they had been a part of Only one or two people missing so it doesn't seem like attendances way down With the option to opt out but You know there's You never know was their test in that class that they could. The kids couldn't miss was their presentations things of that nature. Give me your thoughts on. What resurrection christian did in in Backing down from their battle with lerma county health department. All right this story. It's so bizarre. And i'm really hoping for a good outcome but the writing on the wall and this one seems like it's shaping up to be A dateline episode to be honest with you. Twenty two year old woman vanishes while documenting cross country trip with boyfriend This is on I believe it was actually her. Fiance family is desperate for answers After florida residents gabby petito and her boyfriend. Brian lamb landry embarked on the journey and july in their white ford transit van from new york where petito is originally from her family told. Abc news the couple of made stops in colorado and utah with instagram post. Showing them at the mystic hot springs in utah. july twenty sixth and on a large rock structure at Arc's national park in grand county utah on august twelfth. Petito had planned to document the trip on her youtube channel. Nomadic static the so video posted on august nineteenth featured in eight minute compilation of the couples adventure. So far petito was last seen on august. Twenty fourth checking out of a hotel with landry in salt lake city. Her family said she last spoke to her mother. Nicole schmidt on august twenty fourth when she informed her that she and landry were on their way to grand teton wyoming and yellowstone national park schmidt told. Abc news so everything seeming okay. Up to this point had been going sightseeing and been to all these different areas. She sounded good and excited to continue her trip in excited. The starter youtube channel said tears. She Schmidt said she did not think much for the first few days and then she when she had not heard from her daughter but after those pass she began to worry. A few days is one thing when you're out camping but when it starts to become seven eight nine ten days. That's a problem. Schmidt said potatoes last instagram posts. on august. twenty fifth showed her holding a miniature pumpkin caption. Happy halloween the post was not geo tagged schmidt said. She has received two text messages from potatoes phone since they last spoke but they did not include any photos or details at the trip so it is not clear whether petito actually sent those tax the moab utah police chief. Bread edge said tuesday night officers from the department responded to and quote incident involving. Bret brian landry and gabrielle. Petito on august twelfth petito was reported missing on september eleventh and was last heard from during the last week of august edge said neither brian or gabrielle reported. The incident and quote insufficient evidence existed to justify criminal charges potatoes families continuing to plead for help in locating their daughter. We don't know where she has her. Father joseph pacheco told abc news. Here's the kicker brian landry. Her fiance has since returned to the couple's home in north port. Florida with their fan. Patita was reported missing by her family. To the suffolk county. Police department in new york on saturday the north Northport police department of florida wrote in a statement on facebook that while there is quote no definitive information that a crime took place northport. The circumstances are odd. Investigators in florida are actively gathering evidence and details to assist in finding needed answers. Since then landry is family. Have lawyered up later. His family said in a statement that the family host potatoes found but did not provide any further comment. This is understandably extremely difficult. Time for both the petito family and the family. The statement released by stephen p berta lino an attorney for the family. It is our understanding that a search has been organiz for partido in or near grantee national park in wyoming on behalf of the line for family. It is our hope that search for miss petito is successful than that. Ms petito is reunited with her family. On the advice of counsel. The landry family is remaining in the background at this juncture and we'll have no further comment. What a peo. As brian petite. Brian landry is The the fiance the boyfriend shows back up in florida. Instantly lawyers up and says we're gonna stand in the background you were the last one sar petito stepmother terri potato described. Here is an amazing artist. Who loved natural beauty. It doesn't make any sense. Potatoes family is continuing to plead for help in locating their daughter. We don't know where she is her father. Joseph pedo told. Abc news landry has since returned to the couple's home with their van. It doesn't make any sense. There is if anyone has seen Gabby gabrielle petito. There let us know. She was traveling through colorado for a brief time But this one. Like i said i. It seems like this very well could be one inning up on dateline. Just the the. It's it's insane to me. That boyfriend fiance can show back up without his fiancee. And just okay. Good luck in finding her can't tell me that's not odd. We're going to continue to track this story as it goes ten thirty one the time when we come back City of greeley mayor. John gates joins us. It's no canal presented by the jeanine agencies. Let's get to the bottom. The our news and weather center. Join clark johnson and bruce dick for clark and coach weekdays. Eleven another in colorado's voice.

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