President Trump, Jared Howard Schultz, Congressional Budget Office discussed on Brian Kilmeade


Getting bigger. I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News. And who assessment just out also predicts the economy will get weaker. Fox's Jared Halpern live at the capital. The thirty five day partial government, shutdown cost the US economy three billion dollars that won't recover. That's according to new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. The CPO reports says economic growth in the last quarter of two thousand eighteen was down. One tenth of a percent expected to be down two tenths of a percent. The first quarter of this year furloughed federal workers, not contributing as much to economic activity and delays in federal spending on goods and services are the main reasons of dampened economic growth, the CBO says Jared Howard Schultz says America's nearly twenty two trillion dollars in debts is a reckless example, not only of Republicans, but Democrats as well and the former Starbucks CEO is getting a lotta reaction for telling CBS, sixty minutes. I am seriously thinking. Of running for president as an independent. Some Democrats are telling Scholtz don't presidential candidate. Julio Castro said on CNN, essentially, it would provide Donald Trump with with his best hope of getting reelected. President Trump tweeted Howard Schultz doesn't have the guts to Ron furloughed federal workers are back on the job today expecting to get back pay this week. But it's possible. The government could shut down again next month, if congress can't work on a compromise on border wall funding, President Trump thinks the chance of that's less than fifty fifty. If no deal is reached though, the president is suggesting he will move ahead with a plan to declare a national emergency in order to build his wall. Despite the pleas from lawmakers in both parties to not go forward with that path. And of course, the court challenges that would almost immediately be filed. Fox's guarantee any fewer sharks went on the attack last year. Florida museum natural history. Researcher says there were sixty six shark attacks last year down from eighty six in two thousand seventeen about halfway in US water for the bites were fatal on Wall Street. The Dow's.

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