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So far well this weekend this past four days unless you have one from earlier in the tournament that she wanted to MIT as an example, who's your man crush Monday? I've I've already told you I'm going with Carson Edwards though. There are many other ways could go caches Winston had a phenomenal game to Jared. Harper. For auburn. These guys give us blood, sweat, and tears. They leave it all out there on the court, and it's impossible for me not to admire them. And also you have the emotions that are in full display. Even though they're locked into this game of basketball that they've been training for for years. So Kyle guy. His first four triples for UBA in the second half. But Carson Edwards and the boiler makers they would not go away and he was taking shots from five six feet beyond the line. And yet they were going in any way. Here's what seemed to change things. And really if you think all the way through the second half and over time, it was a brilliant move by coach Bennett, he started a larger lineup in the second half. So instead of just having mommy de Akita out there. He ends up adding Jack salt who's a senior to the starting lineup for the second half salt is big he's bulky, and he could help them rebound. In fact, they had more offensive boards in the second half that lead to more second chance points. And so do and Carson Edwards. We're having a shoot the lights out just to stay within striking distance. And again, this was it was a phenomenal back and forth. You wanna talk about a roller coaster ride for your emotions. Sometimes I think the stress might be too much. But it's it's amazing. I love this game. So. UVA ahead by a point with a minute fifteen to go. And then you hear that Carson Edwards Bank shot three. It was his tenth of the game. So it puts the boiler makers up sixty nine sixty seven. There's an offensive rebound by Grady. I for den so beating UVA zone game twenty seconds to go. He makes one of the free throws. And they're up three. But then Purdue fouls on the other end. I'm taking you through. All this Benicia here because it's important Purdue fouls on the other end. But tiger..

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