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Remax center they're not a Brownsburg Indiana and I was still helping buyers and sellers a lot of people don't really know that they can get out there and buy or sell but now it's a crazy time in the market hi I just got a offer accepted I was seventeen offered then and we got the contract so how things are going over last ten thousand over so I mean it's a good time to sell what kind of find out what's three one seven three three nine four one three two thank you Chris welcome to the hammer and I do show what you got Chris yes my name is Chris mark Kris mark insurance and the phone number is three one seven eight one three auto eight one three two eight eight six and I don't want to make any money folks I do love the selling I know what you're talking about hopefully he did the air pistol right tomb welcome to the hammer and I do show Tim Hey guys thank you Helmut Lang furtive I am a postal employee benefits specialist I am able to help all federal employees maximize not only their current benefits but I help them so long to go through the postal employee the ridiculous a hundred and fifty four pages that they need to retire my number is three one seven four five zero three six six two three one seven four five zero three six six two thanks guys thank you can you are next up can you got fifteen seconds.

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