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Sixth street in little village she was struck twice and is in critical condition of Strozier goggle police sergeant Rocco alley Odum says enough is enough this is not acceptable to a seven year old girl extra treating with our family out here and I have to be a shot because our group of guys won a one issue that another mail while well there is a street full of kids trick or treat police say they're asking the community for what ever they know about what happened the Julia diss facing a lawsuit alleging that didn't investigate or protect disabled people from father Richard Jacqueline the sixty seven year old priest was charged with a crime two years ago prosecutors say that a nurse walked in on him performing a sex act on a thirty year old thirty nine year old intellectually disabled and paralyzed man who was living at the Shapiro development center with the impeachment guidelines vote in the books now well what happens next get the answer from ABC's at the field after weeks of close depositions public impeachment hearings could happen as soon as mid November all likely broadcast live were Americans will hear the evidence of the side of the president's call and actions on Ukraine were perfect as he claimed Republicans can call their own witnesses with democratic majorities approval and president trump can send his attorneys even be there himself if he chooses investigators looking into a new claim of sexual assault against Jerry Sandusky band status confirm the police are investigating a report of the lash football building that's on campus sometime between June of two thousand in September of twenty ten five university of California at Irvine men facing misdemeanor charges tied to the drinking death of a fraternity brother if they're convicted they could face a maximum of either eighteen months or six months in prison prosecutors say the law bars them from seeking any stiffer punishment fifteen days of the big airlines eleven days of no classes the teachers strike in Chicago is over we'll go back to work tomorrow bear lorry Lightfoot was a hard fought.

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