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They sent. Hello and welcome to the heat. I'm Brian Altana. This is max Scoville. We are talking about toys. This is one of our favorite topics in the world. We've done a lot of sad, miserable morose topics on the ship before, and I think it's probably time to do something that's a little more upbeat and fund, which might also still get sad and miserable morose. So what are toys? I don't. That's a, that's a great question. I think by by definition of toys, like anything that is designed solely for the purpose of play? Yes. So that that does that mean games or toys? I've gotten into this debate with myself and others and even on social media before about whether or not video games are toys, whether or not musical instruments toys, I would say or computers really anything I, I would say for the purpose of this discussion, we can focus on toys as sort of the tactile tangible, small plastic year. Figure shaped hat tells a keyword there also like toys games that don't have rules. Again, our thing that I mean, obviously you could be like, yeah, ball as a toy. But if you play a game with the ball, then it becomes a game, you know, sort of upset of, I don't know. We're getting, we're getting, you know, complicated here. I wanna talk about action figures. We talk about that. I think that's that's an important sort of difference right there because action figures to me are something I gravitated to his very young kid and the more I think about them as an adult action figures and cars, and dolls, and all this kind of stuff that kids love. I put them next to like art and music and Santa Claus in the categories of things that kids really love and that many people just grow out of forever. Yeah, towards her thing that there's that there's that bible verse. That's like when I was a child. I spoke like a child. I put away my childish things and it was like everyone died at age twenty three back then. Yeah. Like like lead in the water. You got married when you were twelve. Kids and the coolest toy was probably like a like a stick that had like a leaf on it or something. No, that's actually important that you bring that up because I think that something that's really fascinating Matola is like art and like music people in the most primitive scenarios in the in the most sort of like resource Lewis environments in history, find a way to make toys. I mean, we see this in sort of like art museums in ancient cultures and stuff like that history museums, people will build children will build dolls and figures and action figures and stuff like that. Also. I mean, you look at like ancient ancient shit, and it's funny. We actually went to the museum natural history in New York together. We're in New York for for Comecon doing those were walking around in the shooting videos about all these brand new collectibles and toys and action figures. And we're like, we had a, we had some free time. So I went to, you know, the the museum we walked around. We looked at all these little these little figurines and trinkets and we're like, man, these new amoeba are really, really letting us down and it's, you know, it's like. Ancient like totems and in in like little little statuettes and like most things you know there are there the versions of those things that children are making playing with, and then there's the version that the adults are playing with and making or not really playing with posing or sitting letting sit there and the adults are always like, this is not a toy. Like for me when I was a little kid, my dad was really into sports and I was not, and I had action figures and he had sports trophies. And like if I went and moved them around, he'd be like, those aren't toys and why..

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