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Discussing efforts to extricate people multiple structures collapsed one person trapped was another rescuer on the scanner. Referring to the Westbrook corridor. You're familiar with that area. Sean cut he of W H go reporting virtually an entire neighborhood is destroyed in Selena scanner traffic rescue officials referring to wounded people being conducted searches referring to significant damage. It is an unfolding situation with active rescue activity. And, you know some scanning a bit further down. Yeah. But looking at Holmes pretty much flattened. Avoid I seventy five north of downtown Dayton. Right. Well, that toll-free. It's eight eight eight eight six zero eighty seven eighty five. Kyle. You say your house was hit. Yeah, I work out of town. I live in beaver creek, Ohio and. Down in my neighbors. All called me. I live out one mile from the air force base. So did they say how bad it is? I mean does that. Windows blown out my best friend trailer on top of it on. It's easier down the neighborhoods or down. They said it's all messed up. Sounds like that was a that was a nasty tornado. Guess Selena north of Dayton right now. I'm in beaver creek, one mile from the United States Air Force base right by right.

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