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About barry stay in las vegas what hotel did you stay at i stayed at something cold marriot's grand shinto who sounds french on how was it how many bathrooms how many do you have any leftover rhino bucks i'm heading out tiger out of the room it was a lot better no it's very nice it was lightly i mean slightly off the strip it was like a you know walk across the street type of thing you can walk to be arena dare which matters any and you know it's it's biggest man it's just it's unrelenting in i know it's been raining here i think every day i was happy to get home and and happy for the funder storm last night and it's just it's it's too much after a while in my mind so it was fun what is the what's the arena like is it a nicer it's brand new right is it nice i don't think no i don't pick expand no now i should know this i i am thinking if it's brand new it doesn't have some of the things that a brand new arena would have elevators are small some of the quarters cramp thomas and mack center it's not we're right no no it's t mobile arena opened april sixth twenty sixteen that's that's that's pretty new yeah it does i mean obviously everybody's been or i don't know if you guys are talked about the the pre games we're going to talk about before the game source and we're going to mention that yeah we're going to mention that eventually we'll get to that so anyway i would take a brand new arena it looks better from the outside than it does from the end fine i mean you know what can you do with a twenty thousand seat arena that's supposed to be dual purpose hockey and basketball i don't know that there's a ton that makes them distinctive it's not like a baseball park did you do any gambling.

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