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You've done a pretty good job and as let's take a quick break here for station identification to listen to the Blackhawks postgame show on 7 20, WGN Blackhawks, Wild Cats and the NFL play here on a M 7 20 on smart speakers. Just say play WGN. Chicago enjoys We cut You loose your shoes. Some final thoughts. I think over the span of these four games. We have seen the Hawks get better. And one thing that didn't happen to them tonight was, you know you can talk about the two goals that the Florida Panther scored in the span of Three minutes in the first period. But there wasn't this big avalanche where the game got away from them, as it did in the first three contest. There was a three goal period in each of the first three losses. So as this team does come home that being said, coming home against the Detroit team, I think we have seen Ah step by step progress in each other. Each of the four games as we've gone along here to the process is in place and Jeremy Collins and I think as a pretty good Um, pulse on what's going on assess far as you know, you can't get too excited. You can't get too low. You You are going to go through some growing pains with this team. You are going to make mistakes, and you hope that the younger players Don't make the same mistake twice. They learn from their mistakes and move forward and are better players to make a better team. But you like what you saw there was Some mistake's made it in in this game that came back to haunt them. And if you can clear up those mistakes and have the same effort through 60 minutes, you'll start getting some results. Hopefully, they'll get that result in two points come Friday night. Back home at the United Center of Finally with that will cut you loose. Troy. Thanks for sticking around great job as always, and we'll see you in a hockey rink in a couple days. Yeah, it's going to be different, because you know, we've been in our WGN studios through the return to play in the playoffs last year. It's gonna be different going into the United Center. John and I called the scrimmage game. I I know that you were there as well. It's Ah, It's kind of an eerie feeling being in the building. Um, but I'll be nice to get back into some familiar surroundings. That is for sure. All right, we'll see you over there. Ah, Friday night at the United Center. Thanks for sticking around primary joining us as the Blackhawks falling over time 54 to the Florida Panthers. We'll be back with highlights in postgame reaction. Kuba Leak Kevin Lincoln and maybe a little bit Jeremy Carlton as well. That's all straight ahead between now and 9 30 on 7 20 WGN, curated by Cole's latest collection is now available in select stores and it calls dot com for a limited time shop. Unexpected new favorites.

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