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Else's chat add with with youtube. Were being told you're best off being just three minutes long. Don't match and then of course for podcasting. The sweet spot is the length of someone's drive the length of someone's exercise routine that fifteen to thirty minute window of time and so yet again you want to optimize for something completely different and the production qualities matter in different ways for each of these different things in so we have to interview someone to be able to tell them. What is the best technology for you. Tom webster contends that the younger generation and and you know i think before i say this i've always said i don't care where people listen or watch the content long as they do and don't care if they catch it on soundcloud or i mean us on cloud on spotify or on apple podcast google podcasters to in a wherever they listened to the show or watch the show. I'm happy with that but tom webster contends that the eighteen to twenty five grouping the younger people are coming in are no longer subscribing and they're just catching it on demand dan kind of like you would when something updates in your youtube channel and <hes> is it because we as podcasters or not training our audiences to go to new mini show dot com and click subscribe sally just did that. <hes> you know is is that what were that. What we're missing is at in. I even heard someone say a couple of days ago. I'll go to apple podcast in someone from the audience booed atr because they said what about me injuried user and kind of put it right back in the presenters face face and so. I think that <hes> you know is it because we're not teaching our audience to go subscribe anymore. We'll talk. I think it's worth the diverse something number in the past sorry well. I think we're talking to each other. You are so let let pamela go. I the i was just gonna say. I think the diversification of the number of platforms where you can get a podcast it it. I used to be super easy to to say hey go. Subscribe to me at and say you're. RSS feed or say hey go subscribe to me on itunes because i tunes was one of like four podcast directories out there and it was the number one out there now. It's like you can get our podcast on itunes. Google play spotify or ask alexa all these how'd you lose that all out at the end of of your feet so added to that people are adding podcasts to their favorite content on spotify and that just fundamentally acts a little bit differently so we do need to get better at educating our audiences and also we need to recognize recognize that there's no one way that will suit everyone's needs and we have to acknowledge that because there's always going to be someone someone annoyed because i'm using an apple in rob's using a PC. I mean i think <unk> i'm starting to hear more people just mentioned on their shows that you know my shows available in in your favorite podcast listening out or platform or whatever and just keeping it really simple because we have kind of reached a point where the distribution of podcast is pretty much in all all of the current audio listening platforms so i think it is in a lot of ways fairly safe to say that you know your podcast will if if you've submitted to all the platforms and i think that gets back to kind of a much bigger responsibility that the podcast hosting platforms have and i think were were definitely taking that responsibility on is making sure that it's easy for podcasters to get their shows into all those listening platforms and i know i i know we spend a lot of time on that and i know todd you do too of making is easy as possible to get into those platforms and we've been pressuring these platforms for four years now to make it easier to to to submit your podcast over to these platforms and get it in the catalog because i believe it's been been. It's been too difficult..

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