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That perfect shot. What were your thoughts of the broadcast? I know we don't usually get Sean McDonough and ray Ferraro and Emily Kaplan and butcher grass and all those guys. I just felt super underwhelmed by the ESPN broadcast. I wasn't overly impressed myself. I felt like I was watching a game in preschool. I don't know, maybe it's because we're an intelligent fan base and we have the Internet at hand and we have the stats and so on. But it felt like they were really teaching the game to new fans. And I really, I didn't really appreciate that. At the time, I know that you're going to go off on the time and everything. You know, if you're a national program and it's a national broadcast, I mean, plan accordingly on when you're supposed to start and so on. But I really didn't enjoy it at all. I mean, I basically just watched the game and kind of tune out the play by play anyway, but yeah, it was kind of ridiculous, but it made it for a pretty long afternoon. I mean, I can't believe I'm sick as I miss Jack Edwards. I missed somebody calling the game and not having these stupid goofy Adobe graphics of the, you know, let's go to the capitols on the Ferris wheel or the freaking roller coaster. Like, wow, and then how many times are they gonna show the graphic of the bruins, little bruins cartoon with the number on the back of how many wins they have? Like just talking about. It was. It was like watching the magic school bus. Like, what are we doing? And I get that you want to teach the game to a new audience. I think ESPN is like, well, people don't understand hockey. That's part of the problem. But like, I got no benefit. I got no benefit from them putting like whenever somebody would have the puck they'd put their name above it and then they'd pass it and then they'd move the thing. Just leave it to EA Sports. Like, that looked like a jumbled hot mess. Like, there's three players, there's this thing coming off with their name and you can't tell who it is and then the graphics switch. Leave it alone. If you want to put a little gray shadow on the puck so we can follow the puck, that's fine, but they don't need to know that hampus lindholm has the puck. Just let it be from player to player and leave that up to the commentator to say hampus lindholm with the puck. Like, I thought it was very childish, like you said. I thought it was amateur hour. Side note, I think that's why a guy

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