Wisconsin Supreme Court, Governor Walker, Judge Madison discussed on Mark Belling


The liberals because they have wished they could use the wisconsin supreme court to black governor walker and the republicans have governing they wanted to be able to strike doubt act can they wanted to strike down concealed carry they wanted to strike down right to work they wanted to scrape strike down the repeal the partial repeal the prevailing wage they want to strike out everything the republicans ever do they wanted to strike down school choice unfortunately because they don't control the supreme court because the state supreme court is it a bunch of liberal haxhiu abuse their power by striking doubt everything duly elected officials do they haven't been able to do it they have always wanted the lower court level they get a lefty judge madison the strike something down by the time it gets to the state supreme court the lefty judges overturned they want the equivalent of those lefty judges to be on the state supreme court ugh so i can literally serve as vetoed a black republican some governing they haven't been able to do that because they can't win any supreme court elections the only to liberals currently have a court are the two elderly women surely abraham said in an walsh bradley so it's five two but they've got a chance for a breakthrough here gabled winds that rotting so we have an open seat and it's coming up in the next election the conservatives have already handpick their candidate idle like this handpicked stuff but they doubted his was make us granic there are two liberals that are rotting now remember we have a primary at wisconsin so of the three candidates that are rotting the field of the boil down to two and then you'll have a one on one general election one of the liberals rotting is the milwaukee county judge neighbor back a bit rub beca dalat i'm not sure of the source of her income but she's rather wealthy her heart her husband is an attorney in private practice does real estate law she is a milwaukee county circuit judge.

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