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Carleen Johnson, The Daily Herald talked to many voters who said they don't necessarily like Joe Biden, but they dislike President Trump even more. One couple from out like terrorist said they are independence and don't care which party a candidate is affiliated with. But when it came to Trump, they said, they just could not handle the way he conducted himself. But when it comes to the governor, they voted for Republican challenger Lauren cult, saying the governor Inslee hadn't handled the pandemic and shut down orders fairly. They're not alone in Snohomish County, where a significant number of voters backed Biden and Lauren cope Biden and cope in fact, lead in 94 of the same precincts across the Hommage County. Carleen Johnson come on news through a weekend of mostly peaceful protests and demonstrations. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has rescinded her executive order, putting the state troopers and other law enforcement under a unified command structure. That order had authorized the use of the Oregon National Guard if needed to help local law enforcement. After the polls closed November, 3rd protesters in Portland had smashed some windows and businesses and hurled objects at officers. But again over the weekend, it was mostly peaceful, deadly weekend shooting in Marysville has police looking for answers and a suspect We get more from Kamo spill O'Neill. Investigators say it happened at around 3 A.m. Sunday near a gas station on 88 Street Northeast. That's where a 42 year old man was found dead a short time later after being shot several times. A man's wife tells police she saw a man drive off in her husband's car officers are now searching for 36 year old Nick Torrance, who may be driving a black 2020 Nissan Ultima with Colorado tag A G X y 76. Investigators do consider him armed and dangerous. Colonial CAMO NEWS Seattle Police are trying to track down the person who opened fire near an impromptu block party Saturday night on Capitol Hill, killing one man. The story from Cuomo's Cole Miller Capitol Hill where a 31 year old man was shot and killed overnight at 10th and East Pie. We've.

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