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The customers who were subscribing and wanted the first issue, and we didn't have anything for him, but whatever I was like, look that's all the more reason why you're in a good spot to subscribe. So we people subscribing November of last year, I've never seen a copy of mountain Gazette and so we ordered some extras. So that, you know, for the people who subscribe between now the magazine will arrive at our house next week and will start shipping them out immediately. So you should see it in the next like two or three weeks. You know if you subscribe like from now until 196 and the fall off which actually like there's a story in there that you and I were sort of a part of Twitter about the bullshit New Jersey rule about how long Can't do a wheelie in the street know. Yeah. What the fuc. Yeah, we got something with that and I think we're actually bringing the Rough Riders into it, so that's sick. Yeah. So you may rest in peace to frequent Lake George vacationer. Earl Simmons AKA DMX who just passed away a couple of weekends ago but, you know, I, I don't know. You said something interesting where you're like, something that sits on a back here toilet, when you take a shit like, dude, I don't know. I have not wanted to put someone's life wage or hips work on the back of toilet. And so that's why, that's why our format is bigger. That's why our paper quality is higher. It's why we invest it in a subscription costs, a lot. Like we just help people like when they ask, why is it so expensive? We say no, it's actually like appropriately price. We're paying our contributors, a fair wage repairing, our photographers, a fair wage. We're shipping it to you and biodegradable packaging. You know, you can literally put the dirt bags, whatever you can literally eggplant or packaging in your backyard and recycle the cardboard and call it a day off. Like it's awesome. Like our packaging is actually worm food, which is pretty cool. So and then was awesome. As if you get tired of your magazine you want to recycle it start a fire..

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