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April 22nd is Earth Day and just a reminder. We have a number of experiments. Onboard that our earth facing collecting data every day for our scientists to study the Earth. The weather forecast remains 80% Go for launch of the Falcon nine Rocket tomorrow morning at 6 11. And a safety alert for anyone who drives a Subaru. Nearly 875,000 Supes are being recalled to fix two separate problems, which could lead to a crash. In one the engine might stall while driving to tow a software short circuit that affects the cross track SUVs from 2018 and 19 and the impresses from 2017 through 2019. Other recall is because a rear suspension part can fall off cross tracks from 2018 and 19. Along with 2019. Forrester's owners are going to be notified within the next month, and no real big winner and last night's mega millions drawing, bumping the jackpot up to an estimated $277 million. That's putting the cash option and just over $189 million for the next drawing Friday night at 11 More news at 8 30 Potato six. I'm Natalie Rodriguez Ryan back to you. Thank you. Natalie Ryan Gorman in for Jimmy Stuff alone here on South Florida's first news and coming the sour and just a few moments, we'll talk to Wi OD Legal analysts in South Florida trial attorney Mark Eiglarsh will get his reaction to the verdict yesterday. Also gonna talk to Aaron Carson, staff reporter at C Net about Apple's big event and everything they unveiled and then we'll go to the White House and check in with ABC News correspondent Karen Travers to get reaction from president vice president about the Derrick Show, Vin. Verdict, so lots to come. Plus, of course, weather and traffic all on the way Here on 6 10. W I o D I. Heart media of Washington, D C has teamed up with the Humane.

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