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Bob o'brien it's now officially summertime summertime some some summertime and let's see how the summertime traffic is there was rain on my way in heavy rain for well from Jackson to about the end of one ninety five so I had a goodly amount of rain falling on me hopefully that's a leading up by now it was causing people to drive very slow forty miles an hour in a sixty five which is a bit ridiculous let's see how the traffic is in your path it's New Jersey fast traffic but I've got a couple issues on route seventy eight right now if you're heading westbound through Hunterdon county just after exit eleven we've got reports of a vehicle fire looks like the left and center lanes are gonna be shut down also on the eastbound side of seventy eight coming back in the Berkeley heights we've got a car that struck a tree just before exit forty one they've got a left lane blocked and watch out for a vehicle fire in Budd lake west bound side of route eighty just after exit twenty five you can expect some slowdowns we've also got reports of a crash in summit north bound so Morris Avenue right by Glenside and and watch out for a wreck on two ninety five south bound just after exit twenty six coming back into the Biltmore area park was in pretty good shape tonight if you're coming home from the shore I see no issues from the Toms River tolls right back up to the Driskell bridge across the Hudson we're in pretty good shape the Saturday evening ride deliver crossings not bad just keep in mind you can't use the Burlington Bristol bridge will be shut down for weekend repairs this report sponsored by rocket mortgage by quicken loans these are challenging times and rocket mortgage by quicken loans is prepared to help if you need mortgage assistance you can contact their team twenty four seven at rocket mortgage dot com from their home to yours the team at rocket mortgage is with you traffic every fifteen minutes next report seven eighteen I'm Jeff from a New Jersey won a one point five the summer Olympic games were moved to next year I'm afraid of the Olympics I tried.

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