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And two and come into the view of Dave moody of Barry, Vermont, fate and good evening. Everybody from high atop turn number two turnover. Three year Richmond raceway. Very much like Alex described a giant asphalt div just fourteen degrees of banking in the corners here. Not nearly enough to make up for an ill handling rates car banking falls away to just two or three degrees on the straightaways going to be interesting to see where they run tonight in the past. We see the outside group come in early be very very fast and take on a bunch of rubber and go away late in the race. We could see where they run here in the early laps for this evening. We've got it all covered from high atop turn free Aaron Richmond. Interesting for sure that is the case Dave moody out in the turns before we get started. Let's take one more trip down the road. This report is presented by Reilly auto parts Kelly, well, all kinds of strategy down here all the fuel wind is well over one hundred fifty so that's not going to be an issue. Earlier stages are seventy five one fifty and then the final one hundred fifty lap race four sets a tire one on the race car. Three in the box of conventional thinking would be may stop at the end of stage one stage two and then have up to to up to an additional set for stage three if they need it. Depending on caution flags we did see that the last time. Many of the things that we're going to be watching down here in Kim Kun. I know you're always watching how tricky and difficult. This pit road can be absolutely. This is.

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