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Just makes it a little more awkward. Doesn't need to be that way. So that is taking the high road now. It doesn't mean if you picked against them the week before where to get blown out and they didn't or whatnot. That's that that isn't still kind of an awkward source of of of a of air to to kind of know if they know it but you know it's like look at least in the short term. We're going to handle it that way that makes sense do. Yeah Yeah I was. Yeah that makes total sense. I would think would be a little awkward to walk into a meeting of people you just picked lose three hundred ten also as you know people that watch these games concerns. I watch these Games are always convinced that the the broadcast team has it out for them and in the corner of the other team. So the last thing you need to like give them more fodder is was that you picked against them because as we all know when we pick against a team it's because we hate them not because we are trying to be smart and get the score right boot in fact because as we hate their team so you probably don't want to contribute to that as well and I think in fairness to Kirk Kirk has a you know he's he's he's the analysts on a game. You hear him way more than you're going to hear me. I mean there are times I think about like. Oh I've done six hits in this broadcast on this this team versus one on the other and sometimes it's about you know just how many times the other team had a bunch of injuries or giving updates on it but you know I'm kinda mindful of how much each how much How many sideline hits I've had for one team versus the other because you just don't want another fan base to go? Oh he just likes even never. It's never intended that way. It's the away the broadcast kind of plays out all right. So you can send your emails to the audible pod at or stew. You can come visit us on this weekend at House of Blues and ask them in person. You could ask the questions in person..

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