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Spend between you gotta say between one on lewis the term abortions i didn't even hesitate on the she didn't have any help either now you gotta spend between one seventy five sean syndrome before some were shot louis well let's go chandler chandler parsons first ninety four million dollar lane ninety four right now wait a minute that only leaves shack eighty one million dollars at the low end anything and he took her show lewis a hundred and eighteen million dollars but on a hundred eighteen million rich sharply lower your in the wrong business you could have one with derrick rose and chandler parsons could've won with alan houston and chandler parsons allen's houston derrick rose down he's been in anybody roy brennan brian derrick rose could have major there too so so we have to losing games ever guys you got one last game the play along with us here on contestants rope again you know you get to go first shack will go second rob you get last option to go one dollar over whatever all right the question is kobe bryant's rookie base salary kobe bryant's rookie raised a first round pick thirteenth overall then end up i'm gonna say for meal you ride a shack you're second ninety six we talking about and yet he says for yeah i said for more go of you're google we will stop and go with a one he goes with one yeah i'm gonna go kind of split the difference with a one point one just to go a little bit higher the shack but i think it was over a million kobe bryant's herkie base salary one point one five dot wow you gotta be ran into our show you can be made a million is rookie that's a million fifty million dollars one loss i check you get the player last game lucky seventy million okay okay here's the deal you have to be within seventy million dollars on predicting the contract value of these free these three nb eight free agents okay and andrew wiggins weighing in total contract value gotta get within seventy million total the three people i'm gonna give you okay so wiggins is walter wiggins just one gilbert arenas says another and john wall is another so shack let's start with john wall jarring well yeah get john wall or so it was on joe john the new governor governor in georgia is okay job you mean like getting john wall first total contract value okay what is created one twenty four oh okay one twentyfour he said the actual retail retail price one seventy one holy cow oh my gosh that is it says on that one seventy that's four seven so you're at forty seven million already shack you gotta get a little better hair 'cause you gotta be within seventy million total andrew brunson is going well okay well though you know matt tracting john makes every game way more complicated than it needs to really andrew wiggins this is like lucky seventy a big dora andrew wiggins total contract value free agency one forty five okay one forty five actual signing value us one forty eight oh he's finished three shots it fifty shack you must become the night you come within twenty million dollars there's a total contract but i never gilbert arenas and she she turned to drugs to anyone zone for no total contract that he signed for afraid they're going to give it to sixty one boom boom boom a hundred and eleven million doesn't say just set it shack kid just missed out on them and we had no winners on any of orange but can't go to j will host joe gallagher grocery to go if you subtract the square root critical all made and tony are now her with one i've seen his math scores you might not a lab i'm not sure that's all you're a man of the new norm gotta love it we are we are the big podcast shack female dot com the big podcast with shack on instagram at certain times onto what drives you yeah there you go you wanna get in touch with us a reach out questions borderline we love hearing from you have a great fourth of july week in don't play with fireworks well yeah in light of bunch i will talk to you doing buddy not okay so that's it great follow the guys on twitter at shack at john kincaid an ap rob jenner's or get more clips and nonsense it's on instagram and facebook at the big

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