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Nobody i know around the celtics for sure thinks the celtics is a business it's a brooke love it's a great passion it's our tradition we don't run it like a business we we do have business aspects to it but we run it for love and the people and you can start with brad stevens and the way he loves the team in the players and you talked with about kyrie irving you know there's a lot of love going around this team it's not a business and that's why actually why it's going well this year we maybe that's a whole different topic but anyway it was really tough to see gordon lying there and then the way everybody's rallied round him has been inspire yeah definitely says something about the character of your team i think a lot of self expands work wanna know is there any chance gordon can come back this year from that dislocated ankle and fractured tibia while i've been told that it's a long road back but it's better to have broken a bone than not to in a sense breaking a bone in something in look at paul george who had a different injury but a horrific braley at one with uh and he's back playing at an all nba level so we're very hopeful that gordon come back over the long term but we don't every predictions about when that's going to be we have the disabled player exception for the year now that tends to show you where everybody thinks that medical community doesn't think he's rushing back anytime soon we won't russianbacked you mention that disabled player exception for 84 million there are obviously some stipulations in terms of using that has to be a player who's in the last year of his contract what would you pag wickets the likelihood that you guys do use that exception this year well i've never actually or if i did it was a slip or a mistake really predicted what will do with contracts is not my my mindset we're going to maintain oliver flexibility all of our options with that but vans no over fifteen years we do everything we can to put it at the best possible team out there on the court if we see and opportunities that i'm sure will use it speaking of putting the best possible team in the court he had a great team last year number one seat in the.

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