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And just because the stage that the kings are in maybe better prepared but what is it like managing a flat cap because we talk about cap management all the time that all of a sudden the economics are hurt by cova and now the past to remain the same. Yeah and i think e prior to that we always figured on anywhere between two to three percent increase so anytime you looked at your roster where he wanted to get to next year possible re signings or free agency always factored that increase now. Now you're doing it fly. A in retrospect where we are with our situation. It probably works out fine for us Where we've had to you know kind of shed a lot of that contract and and cap situation so But going forward you you. You definitely need to be prepared for it and plan Were we were. We're doing a lot of planning is is where our kids coming out entry levels you know and and what kind of contracts would they be looking at and in different terms so you try to manage a you know two or three years out to see which kids will come out. Entry level based off of their success. What kind of contracts and factor in your tap into that. How many categories do you have like that blakey meaning entry level contract and then is there is they're like you know the second contract or the age categories where you kinda group guys together based on age. Well i think it's more right now. Probably contra if we look at the age aspect. We've got the five veterans ray. You copay andrew in their in their contracts long term you kind of know where they sit in a jeff and andy dawson and quick. You kinda know their contracts. And then you've got your secondary group that i follow and can't be I understand those. And but the ones i talk more will probably are the the more the entry level the guys just coming in And where they project to be You have to kind of project out where how they're going to play. And what level a contract. You think you'll be looking at forward if i can go one more in the same area guys There's no question. Your plan has been to stockpile assets younger players. that's part of the transition phase. The kings were in. Is it possible to put a timeline line on that. Meaning you wendy you group some guys together..

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